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      Who would win this dual?
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Who would win this dual?   10/17/2017 5:16:22 PM score: 0    hide

A post in a recent thread made me wonder how a dual between top small school wrestlers and top big school wrestlers would go. Are these the top kids? Who wins? I’d pay to watch! Kinda wish the Hall of Fame Classic would make something like this happen. Top 2A/3A vs 4A/5A 98-Stacey (SHE) vs Taboa (JER) 106-Orr (BUH) vs Edelblute (LAK) 113-Stacey (SHEL) vs Mauger (T.F.) 120-Summers (S.R.) vs Edelblute (LAK) 126-Bruno (CHA)vs Lovett (P.F.) 132-Rice (N.P.) vs Krisnek (CAP) 138-Call (SHE) vs Fouret (COL) 145-Guilio (A.F.) vs Hudson (CAL) 152-Balmforth (SHE) vs Borden (MIN) 160-Bradshaw (CHA) vs Williamson (JER) 170-Gissel (FRU) vs Clements (COL) 182-Fagen (FRU) vs Neukom (MER) 195-Hobbs (S.F.) vs Salas (CAL) 220-Needham (GOO) vs Mitchell (CAL) 285-McGinnis (GOO) vs Barrera (BOR)


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Re: Who would win this dual?   10/19/2017 3:04:03 AM score: 0    hide

Assuming the kids were in these weights I would think the 4-5a has the advantage but I think it's very close and decided on maybe a match or two or just whoever could get the bonus points.
My opinion-98.Taboa.....106-Edelblute.....113-Stacey.....120-Summers-....126-Lovett....132-Rice.....138-Fouret......145-Hudson.....152-Borden.....160-Williamson.....170-Clements....182-Fagen......195-Hobbs.....220-Mitchell......285-McGinnis


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Re: Who would win this dual?   10/19/2017 8:57:03 AM score: 0    hide

If you look at the numbers.  There are as many good wrestlers per student body in all the divisions.  There are some very good kids at all levels.  I would say there are more and the 4A-5A level as there are more total kids at the 4A-5A level. 

In the matches you proposed I would say that it would be close with a couple swing matches and a bonus points would be the difference.


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Re: Who would win this dual?   10/22/2017 3:39:12 PM score: 0    hide

I think your teams are pretty close to the top wrestlers in each weight and division...I think there are a few possible snubs, and weights are tough to predict, but I'd pay to watch that dual.

In that dual, I think the winners would be 98 Taboa, 106, Edelbute, 113 Stacey, 120 Summers, 126 Lovett, 132 Krishnek, 138 Call, 145 Hudson, 152 Balmforth, 160 Williamson, 170 Clements, 182 Neukom, 195 Hobbs, 220 Needham, 285 Barrera

I think it would be a competitive dual, but I'd favor the 4A/5A team to win with a little room for comfort. Nevertheless, there would be some great matches...several of those matches might be what happens in the hall of fame classic.

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