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      Willey Dobbs Tournament
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Willey Dobbs Tournament   12/14/2017 9:15:29 AM score: 0    hide

What schools will be going what wrestlers would probably meet in the finals and what team will likely take first any thoughts


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Re: Willey Dobbs Tournament   12/18/2017 8:40:32 AM score: 0    hide

It was a great tournament with some very impressive matches. I thought Minico would be a little down this year...I was wrong, Minico looked as strong as ever. I think they are the clear favorite to repeat at State as a team. Andrade, Minico, pinning over Canyon Ridge in the 132 championship was impressive.

Another team that looks very strong is Kuna...I don't know that they are contending with Post Falls and Columbia just yet, but they are definitely in the running for a 5A State trophy.

I expected to see a little more from Caldwell at this tournament. They are a good team, but they don't seem to be in the running with Minico. It looks like Jerome has pulled ahead as a 4A team that could be up for state hardware with Minico and Lakeland...

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