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HCC’s  12/17/2017 11:48:21 AM score: 0    hide

What did everyone learn at HCC’s this weekend? Ford beating Hobbs. Ramos pinning Banta and Norman, beating Summers and mouton as well. Can he close the game with Lovett? Sugar looks for real. Waldron from Rigby making a huge jump from a year ago by pinning Hyde and hanging with Tingey until he went feet to back late in the third. LaRose from Teton should be the favorite in 3A he beat Payne and gave up a late takedown to lose to Seargent. Stacey finally beating Lincoln as well. Anything else? Thoughts?


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Re: HCC’s  12/18/2017 9:14:18 AM score: 0    hide

There were some really good matches and weights and like always some fairly weak weights.  Like you say 220 had some good kids with Sargent BLK, LaRose TET, Payne IF, Haskett POC.  Solid kids that were letting it rip.  LaRose got to battle all 3.  The rest only had to deal with him. 
126 was a meat grinder. Summer SR, Banta SF, Ramos HC, Rameriz BONN, Moulton TET, Evans Poc, Castanda BLK.  This was a deep class of kids.  Not much drop off as they rotated though. 
Other weights were only a couple really good kids.  But overall it was early season wrestling.  I saw some lung issues. (Complete with a clock restart in an overtime match)  I watches some coaches work refs.  I watched some refs allow themselves to get worked.  Still some confusion about the out of bounds calls.  Typical tournament.

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