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The Other Idaho

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Rollie   1/2/2018 2:58:07 PM score: 0    hide

Time to get the conversation started. Predictions? Toughest weights? Will PF 4peat? Is Crook County the team to beat? Arvada CO? Or the big question will the defending 5A State Champs the True Champs Columbia win their own tourney??! Lakeland looks tough off a 2nd place finish at the Sierra Nevada with out a Edelblute in the lineup.


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Re: Rollie   1/3/2018 9:07:46 AM score: 0    hide

Hopefully this is the event that "The Idaho Wrestler" has been waiting for. Should be able to start ranking athletes after Rollie. 132,138,145 toughest weights as usual (MY opinion). There are so many top tier athletes attending in every weight class from every division that there will be too many "main event" matches to keep up with. This could be the toughest Rollie yet! 65 teams?! Get ready to be entertained.


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Re: Rollie   1/4/2018 1:26:30 PM score: 0    hide

Anyone know what happened to the youngest edelblute? Looked to be off to a good start and then disappeared.

The Other Idaho

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Re: Rollie   1/4/2018 1:31:45 PM score: 0    hide

He has a injury. Wrist or something.

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Re: Rollie   1/4/2018 4:08:43 PM score: 0    hide

Who are the top 6 or biggest surprises so far this season at each weight going into this tournament?

The Other Idaho

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Re: Rollie   1/6/2018 7:20:58 PM score: 0    hide

OK these question answer sessions by myself are getting old. So to answer my own questions; Yes PF can 4Pete and did stood alone in this tourney. Crook County made a good run Arvada was a disappointment. No Columbia can not win it, and are not True Champs! Lakeland is the real deal in 4A. Way to go Hillcrest for getting to a real tourney. 138 was the toughest wt. 145 was crazy Idaho tough! Hudson was on a mission.


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Re: Rollie   1/6/2018 9:13:18 PM score: -1    hide

Way to be classy! Such an amazing sport and kids work so dang hard...nonsense arrogance! Humble yourself! PF kids had an awesome performance and looked outstanding! Should be enough said!!!!!


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Re: Rollie   1/7/2018 10:41:24 PM score: 0    hide

Don't be a baby, wrestling is a big boys sport. Enough said!


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Re: Rollie   1/8/2018 8:01:23 AM score: 0    hide

Balmforth beating Call was something I didn't see happening. Seen he (Balmforth) got DQ in the finals. Anyone see what for? Post Falls looks to be on a mission. Good to see Lovett getting pushed to OT. Surprised to see Mauger get majored in the finals.


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Re: Rollie   1/8/2018 8:12:24 AM score: 0    hide

I also did not see Balmforth beating Call but you never know that is why the matches are wrestled.  I was a little surprised to see Stacey at 113.  I wonder if he will stay there for the season or come back to 120.  Also staying with 3A Boone got a DNP for the tournament.  That really surprised me as Boone has been a stud for a long time. 

Good to see Sargent of Blackfoot at 220 looking strong.  Not sure how deep 220 was this year.  Any given year it can change.  Shelley placed well.   Might have moved up a spot had Balmforth been scoring points instead of Call.  Or if both could score. 

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