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      All Star Dual.
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The Other Idaho

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All Star Dual.  1/8/2018 2:08:46 PM score: 0    hide

When is the All Star Dual? Might as well get that argument started.


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Re: All Star Dual.  1/8/2018 3:14:08 PM score: 0    hide

Take a shot at your Prediction "The Other Idaho"

The Other Idaho

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Re: All Star Dual.  1/8/2018 7:00:12 PM score: 0    hide

I’ll take a stab. 98 Stacey Herbert 106 Mauger Edelblute 113 Stacey Edelblute 120 Edelblute Barfuss 126 Lovett Kesl 132 Andrade Rice 138 Cordingly Balmforth 145 Hudson Johnson 152 Rinderknecht Borden 160 Huber Williamson 170 Kazmierczak Ford 182 Fagen Howell 195 Andrus Gissel 220 Sargent Mitchell 285 Barrera Breedlove After doing this for a hour my hat goes off to the ones who really have the job. There is a lot of things to consider besides who are the best 2. That can turn in to a 4a, 5A Dual. I tried to put some of the matches I’d like to see, that otherwise would never happen. Some weights I just pulled names off a list. But it should get the conversation going.


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Re: All Star Dual.  1/9/2018 11:52:31 AM score: 0    hide

Not a bad list.  I would say Hobbs of SF at 170.   Ford and Hobbs have split the last 2 times they have met. Likely see each other again and tiger/grizz.  Also LaRose Teton at 220.  He and Sargent had a great match at HCC Duals 16-10 was the final but it was close until a last second throw gone bad.  I would rather a 16-10 repeat with some 220 pounders scrambling and throwing bombs than 2 bulls pushing.  I came from another match to catch it.


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Re: Re: All Star Dual.  1/9/2018 12:02:17 PM score: 0    hide

98 Doronio Stacey, 106 Mauger Nielson, 113 Stacey Tingey, 120 Edelblute Barfuss, 126 Lovett Kesl, 132 Rice Rios 138 Cordingley Zufelt 145 Hudson Johnson 152 Borden Morris 160 Huber Rawson 170 Ford Hobbs 182 Fagen Christensen 195 Gissel Ojukwu 220 Sargent LaRose 285 Barrera Breedlove


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Re: All Star Dual.  1/10/2018 10:29:32 AM score: 0    hide

98 Bruce- Stacey, 106 Mauger- Nielson, 113 Stacey- Tingey, 120 Edelblute -Barfuss, 126 Lovett- Kesl, 132 Andrade- Rios 138 Zufelt- Zufelt 145 Hudson- Johnson 152 Borden -Morris 160 Huber -Rawson 170 Ford- Hobbs 182 Fagen- Christensen 195 Gissel- Ojukwu 220 Sargent- LaRose 285 Barrera- Breedlove


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Re: All Star Dual.  1/10/2018 11:40:48 AM score: 0    hide

This lists are good I’d change 106-Mauger Gallup 145 Johnson??? 152-Williamson Hudson 160 Huber Rawson


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Re: All Star Dual.  1/13/2018 7:43:48 PM score: 0    hide

I'd put edelblute over Gallup for this one. Edelblute made a return and looks solid

The Other Idaho

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Re: All Star Dual.  1/14/2018 11:43:19 AM score: 0    hide

Edeldlute would be a more entertaining match.


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Re: All Star Dual.  1/14/2018 3:04:48 PM score: 0    hide

I know it is an all star dual but I would rather try and put together two solid wrestlers that would not see each other. Mauger and Edlebutte will most likely meet for the championship again. How about Edlebutte vs Neilson of North Freemont. Also is anyone sure this is happening. I haven't seen anything of it this year other than this subject.

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