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      The Idaho Wrestler website??
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The Idaho Wrestler website??  1/9/2018 9:20:13 AM score: 0    hide

Does anyone know why the Idaho Wrestler hasn't updated any rankings since late last season? If anyone knows if its gonna start back up, please inform me.


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Re: The Idaho Wrestler website??  1/9/2018 10:06:53 AM score: 0    hide

I've wondered the same thing. I'm certain that maintaining rankings and that website is a tremendous amount of work that results in criticism of why people think rankings are wrong. The work is appreciated's always been a great site for wrestling fans.


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Re: The Idaho Wrestler website??  1/9/2018 10:32:22 AM score: 0    hide

The Idaho Wrestler was a valuable resource in the past. Would like to see it up and going again.


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Re: The Idaho Wrestler website??  1/9/2018 11:36:39 AM score: 0    hide

Not a bad list.  I would say Hobbs of SF at 170.   Ford and Hobbs have split the last 2 times they have met. Likely see each other again and tiger/grizz.  Also LaRose Teton at 220.  He and Sargent had a great match at HCC Duals 16-10 was the final but it was close until a last second throw gone bad.  I would rather a 16-10 repeat with some 220 pounders scrambling and throwing bombs than 2 bulls pushing.  I came from another match to catch it. 


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Re: The Idaho Wrestler website??  1/9/2018 11:40:59 AM score: 0    hide

The individual who runs that sire has taken an administration position, so I am sure he is quite busy. He is also in need of help doing the rankings. a lot of time goes into those rankings as well. If anyone is willing to help with the rankings, I am sure he would take it. Also notice, there are zero ads on the site. I would assume he gets zero dollars as well. Just a couple thoughts.

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