Mar 30

All-Idaho boys and girls basketball teams


The full all-state basketball teams in every classification are out. The teams run in Sunday's Idaho Statesman, but you can check them all out here:


What do you think of the final results? Did anyone get left off?


(And before anyone yells at me specifically, we don't select the teams. We just host the voting process and publish the results.)


Michael Lycklama

Idaho Statesman

Apr 4

Thanks for the link unfortunately for 95% they had a hard time reading it before being cut off for not being a subscriber to the Idaho Statesman. They did a good job of including some really notable kids who did not make it to state like the Simpson girl from Malad who led the state in scoring and was on the first team. I noticed a couple of others in the boys and girls who were included whose team failed to make it to state. This never happened much in the past before Idaho Sports and Sportsboards helped to educate all of us. It is still mostly the kids whose teams make it to State who recieve the awards. I did not get to look at the teams in each division long enough because of being cut off but know a handful of kids like Adams of Mountain Home and Madsen of Minico had scoring and rebounding statistics that were much better than many of the first and most of the 2nd teamers in 4a but that will always be the case.

Malad and the Simpson girl made it to state, lost to Melba by 2, beat Declo and Grangeville to take home consolation. She is a monster going to be fun watching her down at snow

Apr 5

Thanks for the clarification I heard alot of good things about her.

New Posts
  • Ethan gibbons has said he will not come back for his senior season after finishing football. This is a big blow to the team as they looked to rebound from a sub 500 season. There could be a multitude of reasons but he wants to stay healthy for college football
  • I attended a summer basketball tournament this weekend in Wendell. I am writing this because I am furious that another private school, Lighthouse “Christian” Charter School, has loaded up another recruited roster to yank another state title in the 1A division. It is an absolute joke that this is allowed to happen. This is not a 1A roster. There are 19 year old juniors on this team that will be 20 years old when they graduate!! This team showed the poorest sportsmanship I have seen on a basketball court in a long time with showboating, filthy foul language, and extremely unnecessary physical play. The coaches and parents of those young men should be ashamed of their behavior. Before anyone thinks I am crying over sour grapes, I didn’t even have a dog in the race. I was just there to watch some high school basketball on a hot summer day and ended up leaving the tournament disgusted after watching two Lighthouse games. Truly pathetic
  • Just wondering what everyone is seeing out there during summer ball? I have watched the Centennial and C of I tournaments. Rocky looks like their usual selves, with plenty of depth and talent. Boise seems to be a decent squad with plenty of youth. Middleton gave Rocky all they could handle in the championship of the C of I tourney. Potlatch represented the small schools very well in that tourney, winning the small school title against Canyon Ridge, a 4A school. Should get a real good look at teams this weekend with more coming to town for the Rocky tourney.