Jan 19

North Ririe game thoughts


Any comments on the game out there

What a game. That was some high level basketball. Didn't expect that kind of game. That was a statement by Ririe. Expect a different game in Ashton. Michael Ure was on a different level.

Jan 20

So was it just the offense of Ririe. Or was it the defense they played aginst North . Looking at most of Ririe scores they typically score around sixty or better. While North looks like they would average mid 50s. Is Ririe the real deal or a over rated ?

@Old 33 I feel Ririe is the real deal. Everyone on the roster can shoot. Ure is as good as advertised and Sutton is one of the best guards in the league can shoot, pass, and finish at the rim as good as any. I believe this Ririe team can compete with all 3A's and can play with the 4A's.

@Old 33 i think ririe is the real deal. North beat bear lake by 20, ririe just put a running clock the whole 4th quarter on north. Ririe has also beat 2 of top 5 3A teams as well. What are your thoughts?

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Jan 20

Also sad to see the big man Grasen Nelson go down great player wish him a speedy recover. Firth would have been there after playing north to an overtime game can they push north without him?

So sad. Feel bad for grayson. Good kid, terrible way to way to end your high school career

Jan 22Edited: Jan 22

Ririe has to be the favorite to win it all. I said this on the 2A post, Ure is legit but Sutton makes them go. How did South Fremont hold Ririe to 34 points and Ure to single digits. Must have had a good defensive strategy.

It's called Pope Ball. He will have his team dribble around on offense until the cows come home just to get the right shot he wants. Hence the 26 points by South.

North Fremont was out coached by Ririe. Ririe kids played confident and loose. NF played tight and confused. NF really struggles to score on a zone defense. It seems NF has the athletes to compete. Ure also had a fantastic night. NF couldn't adjust fast enough to even frustrate or slow him down. Torgerson seems to have a better handle on how to handle and motivate high school players then Coach Hill. I think this is Coach Hills rookie coaching season maybe that's the difference. They are playing again on Wednesday. Ure won't likely shoot lights out again and It should be senior night in NF so they will be fired up and emotionally charged. We will see if Torgerson out coaches Hill in game 2 right before they head into districts.

Feb 3

That’s for sure I think they made a mistake letting Miller go but that’s just my opinion North has some good talent but Hawkes is key they will go as far as he can take them Rire has 3 great pla in johnso Sutton and Ure with good shooters on the supporting cast it will be fun to see them play this week Hawks will need a huge game I think but he is capable

Feb 7

Interesting Game North Ririe just a few things I noticed what kind of coach cheers air ball and claps his hand when his opponents air ball a shot no class Hill

As far as the game it was better than in Ririe North scored 44 in that game but only 38 in North 50 for Rire at north 75 when at home Ririe seemed to control the game and didn’t shoot overly well Overhansly and Hansen had better games and Hawkes scored less17 wichef matched Ure Sutton matched his performance from the first game 18 I think Ririe is the team to beat they are solid North has Hawkes but needs some help good luck too both teams

I agree. Senior night for NF last night, and they seemed to have some INCREASED intensity last night, however, Ririe was in control majority of the game, held a 8-10 point lead much of the game. Ririe won because of their Defense, which has been REALLY good lately. However, i think NF could be second best team in 2A, these two could see each other 3-4 more times!

I wish the game had been broadcast. It sounds like it would have been fun to watch.

Ririe looks good. Coach Torgerson has Coach Hill all figured out. NF loses by less and less to Ririe which is good but still a loss is a loss. NF has barely beat Firth. We will see of there is another rematch this season. Not sure NF can get past Firth.

Feb 17

North should handle Firth but I will say coach Pulson from Firth is a better coach than Hill all I ever see from Hill is whining and crying to the refs all the time North would be a better team with Miller as coach He got them to state and coach if the year and you get rid of him for Hill ha ha ha I guess Iam saying he could get out coached by Pulson if they can slow down Hawkes keep him under 20 they will probably have a good chance to win the game but if Hawks goes off it will be difficult to win Ririe is solid and finds ways to get it done they have not allowed North to score over 41 if ririe rebounded a bit better it would have been a 15-20 point game give north credit they played a good game and played hard but Hill needs Help if they want to get by Firth was good against west J and looked like they were coming into their own without Nelson the blue and black could get North

Well North showed up to play against firth! Hawked only scored 14, and North still handled them. So there goes your prediction about firth holding hawked under 20. They seem like a full team. They look pretty good, but so does Rosie. Excited to see what Wednesday holds.

Feb 19

Yup was wrong for sure zone was not the answer aginst north North showed up Firth looked Horrible on both ends will see how they do Wednesday

Ririe beat North 4 times this season. (Winning by an average of 15.4 pts.) On paper Athlete comparison with both teams it should be 2 and 2. Ririe keeps dominating North. Torgerson is coaching circles around Hill. Ririe seems to be state championship bound. Maybe the school administration and parents will treat Hill like they treated Miller after going to state last year.

NF doesnt have an athlete to match up with Sutton.

Ririe has a tough team no doubt. Sutton is a great athlete and not a lot will be able to stop him. But if North/Ririe do have a chance to play each other in title game, Hill will have to figure something else out because whatever he is doing isn't working and they will lose for the 6th time to Ririe.


My two cents on the Miller/Hill debate (mostly directed to the North Fremont Fans): Be adults and GET OVER IT!!!! What's done is done. Nothing you say or do can change what happened. Was it a mistake? maybe; Was it the best decision they could have made? Who knows. Either way it's in the past move on. Chances are North will get rid of Hill and get another coach within a few years anyway, seems to be a pattern up there. Be there to support the young athletes in your community who have busted their butts to get to where they are now. Also a side note: North didn't lose many seniors after Miller's 2017-2018 (13-14 record) and Hill so far has a record of 17-6. Give Hill some credit. He's done well.

Feb 22

I will give him credit he has a good record playing a lot of below average teams and found a way to win the only good team they beat was Bear Lake but they have a good record good luck at state

Feb 22

Old 33, what is your deal with NF? It seems to me that you have a lot of opinions about them. First, they beat Bear Lake by 20 points which isn't a "found a way to win" type of victory. Second, Ririe played a lot of those same "below average" teams in the preseason. They beat those teams by about the same amount of points as NF. Third, for the majority of the games against Ririe it has been a difference of eight to ten points. Based on your opinions then Ririe must not be that great of a team since NF was able to hang with them until the fourth quarter. We all know Ririe is a great team so maybe NF might be a little better than you give them credit. Fourth, those boys on that team trust Coach Hill because he knows what he is doing. Has he made mistakes? Yes, but what coach hasn't. You might not like Coach Hill but they are playing better ball under his direction.

Feb 23

I just gave him credit for a good record just sayMing they didn’t play many good teams didn’t say anything about them being a bad team I actually think they are the second best team in the state for 2a if they had the same schedule last year as this then he did better than miller Like I said Good luck at state

Feb 23

Just looked at Ririe preseason they played sugar Teton Snake River West side Aberdeen North played Aberdeen Teton Bear Lake Challis Butte not sure the scores only show them playing Teton 1 time so they could have another loss or win not sure just so you have the info

Honestly, I'll be surprised if Ririe and NF aren't playing again a week from today. NF is a good team, 2nd best in 2A in my opinion. Besides hawkes though, they don't have the horses to keep up with ririe. They have hung with Ririe FOR 3 quarters the last 2 games, but havent been able to get over the hump. Sooner or later Ririe's shooters start hitting shots. I think Hill has done fine, not sure Miller would have beat Ririe either actually, who knows. Should be a fun weekend for both teams in Boise.

Feb 23Edited: Feb 25

North Fremont can't seem to recruit a great coach or find 1 locally. Miller/Hill debate is pointless at this point. North Fremonts wins seem mostly based solely on the their kids natural talent. Miller/Hill would of had similar seasons this year. Hill is mediocre at best. North Fremont also struggles with recruiting athletes from other areas. Ririe is a lot better at that and can bring in the "bullied" Bonneville and Jefferson county athletes. They bring them in early the 8th/9th grade year. Ririe seems to be poised to get that title. Although we have been saying that for 3 years and in the championship game Bear Lake has been getting it done when its mattered.


Ririe doesn’t recruit anyone. Every year there is 50-60 out of district kids in Ririe High and 20-30 more that want to get in It just so happens that some in this senior class are really good ball players. None of them had to make up an excuse like being bullied and most have family ties to the school or live closer to Ririe than Bonneville or Rigby. Funny no one complained a few years ago when they werent as good and still had just as many out of district kids.

@threeaces12 article in Post register Dec 23, 2018. I think they admitted they recruit. In this article. "Before a bunch of District 6 players decided to attend Ririe — Ure is from Bonneville’s district; Stockton Johnson is from Hillcrest; Carter Smith is from Shelley; Sutton is from Madison — the Bulldogs were doormats in the Nuclear Conference. From 2009 to 2015, Ririe won just 43 games. In 2012, the Bulldogs were winless.

But that narrative changed when Sutton, Ure, Johnson and a majority of Ririe’s core decided to forget the big schools and gain the “small-town” feel. Sutton came in seventh grade, Michael came as a freshman — following his sister, who wanted to play volleyball.

“I just saw the small-town atmosphere and I said, ‘That looks pretty good.’ I love getting to know everybody in the school instead of knowing 60 or 70 kids from one school and you don’t know anybody else,” said Sutton, who sprung the “moving in” idea onto Ure and the rest of the Bulldogs a few years ago.

“Ririe has been great for me. I’ve liked it up here,” Ure said. “It’s been a good experience for me. ... They spend so much time with me in classes. They’ve definitely put in a lot of time and effort helping me learn as much as I can. Coach (Torgerson), all the coaches here — coach (Jordan Hamilton), coach (Jed Wilson) — they’ve all been great for me and my confidence. My confidence has grown a lot. And even the people here have taught me so much.”

With “big school kids” playing in the 2A ranks, well, the rest is history. The Bulldogs are a team to watch this winter."


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Feb 23

I am sure North has a hard time recruiting because you are not supposed to Iam not sure if they have open enrollment if they do students could go there if they choose and are accepted Ririe is a great school Academicluv sports FFA and Music They are well rounded

North iam sure is much the same a great school just geographical locations different. We can debate it all day long just like Miller - Hill and at the end of the day we would probably agree to disagree no rules were broke and are we not all for what’s best for the Students Academic Sports or other wise Go bulldog Wrestlers

get another championship

Feb 25

What's the difference between North Ririe and Ririe? Asking for a friend.

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