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1A Co-ops


There are 3 co-op teams that I am aware of. Lost Rivers, Watersprings/Clark, and Mullen/St. Regis. I know very little of the last one so I won't refer to them in this comment. The other two (Lost Rivers, and the Warcats) both have had successful seasons and deserve credit for what they have accomplished. Now I don't say the following trying to start any argument but I recently had a conversation about these teams and what classification they should be playing in. Let me preface this by saying I don't know the current enrollment numbers in any of these schools and I can't seem to find them on the new IHSAA website. What I have heard, and this is just rumor is that if Lost Rivers continues its co-op next year they will have to play as a 2A school which seems fair IF the numbers dictate that. I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard this and if with the new lowered enrollment numbers for 1AD1 would that also force the Warcats up to D1 from D2? Like I said I'm not looking for fights here but it seems logical that if the 2 schools involved in the co-op have the combined numbers for them to move up a classification in this one sport they should.

Oct 28

Butte 108.5, Mackey 46.5 Total 155 D1 Numbers, Watersprings 49, Clark 42.5, Total 91.5 D2 Numbers, from 2018-2020 count.

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Tri Valley has had a co op for over a decade for every sport. Don,t dare mention consolidation. I wonder how long the Watersprings Clark co op will go. At least Clark has someone close of similar enrolment. Leadore would be a long drive. West J or Madison different enrollment. Clark co Oped with Lima Mont before too. They could go with Taylors Crossing Charter school. I doubt that school will field a football team. Are 1a as well so if kids want to play football will have to play at there residential High School.


Nez Perce Highland Craigmont and Culdesac are co oping. Are supposed to be d1 but state said go ahead be d2. Salmon River and Meadows have co oped for some time. Don,t see that dillusion any time soon. Hansen and Murtaugh did for Several years but Murtaugh said no and Hansen survived barely. Thought about adding soccer. Bliss co oped with Hagerman and Glenns Ferry in past but most kids play soccer there now.


State said no to Lost Rivers staying at d1 1a as co op. So either will dissolve it, have Mackay go to Challis or be 2a. Don,t know what will happen if they co op with Challis. Off my head co ops I can think of right now are Mullan and the Montana School, Lewis County, Salmon Meadows, Tri Valley, Lost Rivers, Clark Waterspring and Greenleaf with either Wilder this year and Rimrock in years past. If enrollment puts two schools up div are supposed to play there. State does grant exceptions. Those are co ops for football I can think of. In addition to kids in Private and Charter schools playing at there residntial Public school.


Its an interesting topic. I have followed Idaho HS FB for decades. I have been following Montana HS FB for the last 3 yrs as I split time there. I can tell you that small school co-ops are not the exception there, but the norm. Many are 3 town co-ops. Talked to a few parents and I gather there were growing pains at first ( "the coach only favors kids from X for playing time " etc) ,but after they realized with the states demographics, it is the only way many kids could play sports. More power to them IMHO. BUT worth noting, with so many far flung schools with a huge spectrum of turn outs and talent, they do performance based classification- a school may move up or down depending on prior year (or two's) performance. Evidently it works for them.

I still think Mullen, Wallace and Kellogg should Co-op to a large 3A or small 4A team. The Silver Valley Miners.

Oct 31

So it looks as though both Lost Rivers and the Warcats will have to move up a classification if they continue their respective co-ops. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. I have heard rumors that Taylor's Crossing is interested in starting a football program which makes me wonder if Watersprings would rather co-op with them rather than Clark County. Logistics would make more sense but this is all just speculation.

The co-op of Lost Rivers still has a chance to appeal the denial to stay in D1 if I'm understanding it correctly. The projected numbers originally looked like 2A for both schools combined but now are very close to that 159 cut-off with students leaving the respective districts. If the co-op is denied, Mackay won't play with Challis - it would be too far and over a mountain pass (about 115 miles round trip). It would also put them in the D2 category and they don't want that either. Also, Butte wouldn't want to go up a whole division for the four or five boys from Mackay and play 11 man. I think the Mackay boys who want to play will just be out of luck which is really sad. IDHSAA rules dictate that even if Mackay boys played for Butte (not in a co-op sense), they would not be eligible for any post season play. Clark-Watersprings may soon have enough players to not need a co-op with Clark, which also could leave Clark in the dust. The state demographics are keeping with the trend that the big cities are getting bigger and the small towns are getting smaller. I see the option of a co-op happening more often, not less - especially with a sport like football where safety of players should be paramount. Last year Mackay made it to the quarterfinals with only 11 boys where they played, and lost to, a tough Carey team. It will be sad for the kids from Mackay or Clark if they no longer have the option to play football.

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