Aug 20

3A - 2019 - Football


First let me start by asking where @grizz200 is? He normally starts this discussion off about a week after the previous season. Maybe he is taking a step back for a year, but I hope not. I always enjoy hearing his view point from the Western Idaho side.


Who do you believe is the top 5 now before the Season kicks off, and who do you think will be in the championship hunt come post season?


Make your picks Gentlemen!

Pre-Season Top 10

1) Sugar

2) Gooding

3) Homedale

4) Kimberly

5) Marsh Valley

6) Fruitland

7) South Fremont

8) Weiser

9) Teton

10) Timberlake


Honestly, it was hard tofill past the top 5, you can never leave out Fruitland, so they would be a close 6th. South Fremont has good tradition and are always a hard team to beat even on their off years. As usual, I have very little respect for the North. Kellogg had a good showing two years ago against Gooding in the playoffs, but a team like Timberlake who pretty much owns the North, rarely makes a push in the playoffs. Timberlake only made the Top 10 due to the others to vote on, maybe an improving American Falls team should have that spot instead.


Sugar is the obvious #1, as the returning champions, and also returning most of their starting and All-State line-up. A Defense that only allowed an average of 11 points per game is returning most of that talent, not to mention some of the best Offensive weapons that I have seen in recent years. They are returning a very deep backfield which works well for their run first, second, third and mostly fourth mentality. The 3A Player of the year returning at QB, who is a threat with his arm and legs will be a big help himself.


I put Gooding at #2 but it was a close one with Homedale and Kimberly very close behind them. The deciding factor was Jennings as Goodings QB. The kid is a leader and the returning All-State QB. I hope that the season comes down to a battle between the QB's of Gooding and Sugar. Gooding returns a good chunk of talent on both sides of the ball and as they have gained experience last year, they will be coming into their prime this year.


#3 Homedale is another program with an excellent coach and tradition. The kids stepping up will have big shoes to fill in the OL and RB positions, but I feel that the program that is installed there, has those kids already in the position to roll in stride into the season.


Kimberly has built a powerful program these past few years. They could easily be #2 instead of #4, but they need to put away Gooding and become league champs before they can make another strong apearance in the state playoffs. Returning a good group of kids with good experience will be and always has been key for this program.


Aug 20

My top 5

1. Sugar Salem. The defending champs graduated a large and talented senior class and replaced them with another large and talented senior class which includes the reigning 3A player of the year. Sugar is certainly the preseason favorite, but the season isn't played on paper.

2. Gooding. Will this be the year Gooding breaks through? Gooding has a 3 year starter at quarterback who is receiving D.1 offers. The last time they had a 3 year starter at quarterback, Gooding made it to the finals.

3. Kimberly. Kimberly and Gooding have been neck and neck the past few seasons and I don't see that changing. They have a solid group returning with a 4 year starter at tailback which should help the transition to a new signal caller and group of receivers. However, while Kimberly scored at will last year, they also had a habit of giving up points in bunches, allowing at least 26 points in half of their contests.

4. Homedale. Homedale is in somewhat similar situation as Sugar. They graduated a large senior class, but they have a very good group coming up through the ranks. How well their lines gell will be the determining factor in just how good Homedale will be.

5. Fruitland. Earlier I had Fruitland finishing in 3rd place in what should be a very competitive SRV. After some thought, I have a bit more faith. It will be very interesting to see if Fruitland decides to continue with the more balanced approach they took last year offensively or if they decide to go back to their usual power running game. On the one hand, they return their 2 leading receivers in Josh Hengeller and Marcus Barinaga, both of whom were very dangerous weapons last year. On the other hand, they will have a new quarterback to break in and have the bulk of their running backs coming back. Defensively losing Fagen and Eiguren will be tough as they provided a lot of physicality and leadership, but they should have a good group coming back. Fruitland will tested early and often as 6 of their 1st 7 opponents made it the quarterfinals in their respective classifications, including back to back road trips to South Fremont and Gooding to start things off.

Aug 26

1 Sugar Salem....... looks like a repeat performance


2 Kimberly....... gets Goodng at home this year


3 Gooding..... looks good on paper


4 Homedale..... alot of SRs to replace, but Uranga is still @ QB


5 Weiser..... lost some good SRs, but plenty left in the cupboard to fill those shoes. The Gooding tilt will be a compelling litmus test for the Wolverines.



Class 3A


Team Name (1st Place Votes) 2018 Pts Pvs

1. Sugar-Salem (7) 10-1 35

2. Homedale 11-1 28

3. Timberlake 7-4 15

4. Gooding 8-3 14

t-5 Kimberly 10-2 5

t-5 Snake River 2-6 5


Others receiving votes: Weiser 2, Fruitland 1



Week 1


#1 Sugar-Salem vs # 4 Declo (2A) – Defending 3A State Champs host the Defending 2A State Champs in the 2019 season opener. Sugar lost a great Senior class but are returning an even more talented Junior class. Declo is not a team to be overlooked, but without Duncan in the backfield and secondary, they are not nearly as potent as they have been the past two years. With Josh Stewart taking the Head Coaching job at Declo, we are sure to see a new tempo in the program. He has big shoes to fill, however, coming from a DC position at a former 3A Power program (Shelley), I believe he is going to have a tough as nails defense at the very least. 


Declo is returning Dawson Osterhout, 12, OL/DL, Brandon Street, 12, OL/DL, Sam Mallory, 12, WR/DB, and Kenyon Christofferson, 12, RB/LB, furthermore, bringing in Elijah Coyle, 11, OL/DL, Miguel Juarez, 11, OL/DL, Brogan Matthews, 11, RB/DB, Derek Matthews, 11, RB/LB, and Layne Homer, 11, RB/LB.


With the above personnel, I see a strong Defensive Box making the run game difficult for Sugar as well as a strong OL with a committee of RB’s to keep constant pressure on Sugars front 7 to make this game an interesting one to predict.


Sugar is returning Hadley Miller, RB/WR/DB, 12, Tanner Harris, QB/LB, 12, Sam Parkinson, RB/LB, 12, Riley Thurber, WR/S, 12, Ben Funk, OL/DL, 12, Kyler Handy, TE/DL, 12, Browning Benion, RB/LB, 12, Mckay Schulthies, RB/WR/DB, 12, Brayton Pope, RB/LB, 12, Kaden Malstrom, OL/DL, 12, Kenneth Copley, OL/DL, 12, and Kyler Dalling, OL/DL, 12, furthermore, bringing in Keayen Nead, TE/DL, 12, Braden Kirk, WR/DB 12, Caleb Birch, RB/WR/LB 12, Tim Price, WR/DB 12, Kolby Westwood, OL/DL, 12, Kaleb Maughn, OL/DL, 12, RJ Ricks, OL/DL, 12, Trae Garner, TE/DL, 12, Porter Chase, WR/DL, 12, Kyzon Garner, QB/LB, 11, Brigham Lee, WR/LB, 11, Crew Clark, RB/WR/DB 11, Kendle Harris, RB/WR/DB 11, Logan Cutler, RB/LB 11, Daxtyn Zollinger, RB/LB 11, Jacob Neal, RB/WR/LB 11, Teagon Brower, OL/DL 11, Keaton Leavitt, OL/DL 11, and Braxton Peebles, OL/DL 11.


With the above personnel, I see a strong if not stronger Offensive and Defensive Roster than last year. Returning Player of the Year 3A, QB Tanner Harris who can kill you with his arm as well as his legs, in addition to Hadley Miller who is well known for taking the rock to the house from 60+ yards out on multiple occasions as a Sophomore and Junior, Sam Parkinson who has been scoring TD’s on power since his Freshman year, and honestly, the Player of the Year Runner up, 3A Heavy Weight Wrestling Champion, and All State Dual OL and DL, Kenneth Copley to run behind, Sugar is going to roll down the field on the Offensive side of the ball. With a college level coach returning for his 5th season as Sugars DC, and his son who got Best LB award at BYU camp before his Junior year, last year, are going to lead Sugars Defense that allowed only 11 points per game, to another successful season. 


With this all said, I believe it is going to be a showcase of talent out of the backfield by both teams and will come down to who can get the right pass off into the right sweet spot or what defense gets tired of stopping a relentless run attack first.


I predict Sugar wins in a tight one in the 1st half before exploding for a big lead in the 2nd half. Sugar 35-14.


#2 Homedale vs New Plymouth (2A) - 3A Runner up last year, Homedale, versus unranked 2A New Plymouth. I did not have much respect for Homedale last year. I thought their strength of schedule was one of the worst in the state. They opened with two 2A teams, then a weaker 3A equivalent Oregon team in Baker, followed by 3A Filer who I wish was a good team, but they are not, and lastly a Stong yet still 2A equivalent Oregon team in Vale. They rolled right through their schedule to the State Championship where their schedule finally caught up with them. With that being said, I have a whole lot more respect for Homedale and their coach now. They made the Championship game very interesting and nearly won it all. Their Head coach is of great character and has established a great program and pride there. With the 3A now rolling with RPI to seed the playoffs, and determine those first-round matchups, a weaker coach would break contracts with two of the three 2A matchups they have scheduled this year in favor of a stronger RPI, but Matt Holtry and Homedale stuck to their word to finish out those contracts. For those of you who don’t know the RPI rules, the first team that you play at a lower classification each year counts as an opponent of equal classification as yourself, but any games past that will count against you. With that being said, this matchup between Homedale and New Plymouth will count as a 3A matchup for Homedale and their RPI, however, Melba and Vale will be lesser wins. Not to mention each teams opponents and their opponents records will go into their RPI. 


Okay, got a bit off topic there. If the above made sense to you or not, Homedale is playing a potentially RPI destructive season this year that even if they go undefeated again this year entering the playoffs, could find themselves at a low seed and matched up with a pretty good team that first round.


Homedale loses their All State RB and 2 All State OL but are returning Daniel Uranga, 12, QB/FS, Jake Collett, 12, WR/LB, Spencer Fisher, 12, RB/LB, Nelson Lomeli, 12, WR/DB, Trent Shanley, 12, RB/DL, Gage Northrup, 12, OL/DL, Ricardo Hernandez, 12, WR/DB, and Milo Mertz, 11, WR/DB.


Three of those returning players are also All-State last year. They lost most of what made them a successful rushing team, but like I had said in previous posts, with the program and tradition in place at Homedale, I am sure that the replacements in those spots have already been brought up to speed and they will continue to roll people with Fisher with the rock this year. 


New Plymouth is returning Coby Williams, FB/LB, 12, Jace Watson, OL/DL, 12, Derek Hampton, WR/DB, 12, and Kobe Roberts, QB, 12.


The first 3 are returning all-conference players and Coby Williams is a two time all-conference player.

I don’t know much about New Plymouth other than that they finished 5-4 last year and lost a big chunk of their better players. With a two year all conference returning FB/LB, I can hope that he is a key for this team. However, there are only so many ways you can run Trap, Take, and Pops behind that stud FB before his LB reps start to take a toll too.


New Plymouth may have a few players that carry this team with leadership and skill, but it will take 11 to take down a talented 3A Power like Homedale. I see a strong start for New Plymouth but after the 1st Q, Homedale overwhelms them. 42-13 Homedale


#3 Timberlake vs Freeman (WA) - I am the first to say that I never give Timberlake any credit or respect. They are a big fish in a tiny pond in the North. Their conference always puts a team in the playoffs and that team rarely makes a push deep into it once they make it there. For a team that has won their conference something in the range of 15 times in the past 17 years, you would think they were a better program. With that being said, I AM impressed by their non-league schedule this year. Opening with a 3A equivalent Washington Power, Freeman is a good start, then on with 4A IEL Defending Champs, Moscow, then 4A equivalent Rogers (WA), then 2A North Power, St. Maries (Who ends up beating Timberlake most years), and finally, before league, they finish with 4A Rival, Lakeland.


Timberlake is returning most of their roster from last year including 4 all conference players in Joey Follini, QB/DB, 12, Louis Powell RB/DB, 12, Jeremy McLemore RB/LB, 12, Dustin Carlson OL/DL, 12, Josh Yanez, TE/LB, 12, Josh Wiscavage OL/LB, 12, Tanner Larson RB/DB, 12, and Gage Benefield TE/DL, 12.


Freeman Head Coach is going into his second year with the program starting off poorly with a 0-9 record last year for a program that has rarely lost more than 3 per season the previous 10 years. 

I believe the experience of Timberlake will take over in this opener and they will run away with it 35 – 6.


#4 Gooding vs Parma – Returning Power, Gooding takes on cross-state foe Parma. Gooding has always been in the talks as a top 5 program these past 5+ years. Parma on the other hand has not had an impressive season in just as long. There is talk that Parma will be good this year, but I don’t see it. This week and how they show up against Gooding will be a good indication of how their season will go, in my opinion. 


Gooding is retuning Shane Jennings, 12, QB, Jonathon Carpenter, 12, RB, Andrew Prince, 12, WR, Anthony Huber, 12, OL, Colton Page, 12, OL, Carter Norstebon, 11, OL, Jared Conrad, 12, LB, Dale Shaw, 12, LB, and Logan Anderson, 11, S, as well as bringing in Colston Loveland, 10, WR/DB, Kurtis Adkinson, 10, QB/RB/LB, Dakota Sage, 10, FB/DT, and AJ Darcy, 11, WR/DB.


Returning one of the best QB’s in the state and at least 1 to 3 of his favorite targets, its safe to say Gooding is going to have another big year in the air. They lost some of their big Defensive leaders and playmakers, however, like Homedale, their program and tradition are in place to definitely have players stepping up into those rolls at equal talent. 


Parma is returning Danny Camacho, 12, OL/DL, Ryen Duke, 12, OL/LB, Joe Shaw, 12, QB, Layne Murdock, 12, RB/LB, Jaden Merkley, 12, WR/DB, and Isaiah Krohn, 11, WR/DB, bringing in Maison Clements, 11, OL/DL, Trystin Braden, 11, WR/DB, Fernando Camacho, 10, RB/DB, and Colt Murdock, 10, QB.


With Parma, I am not seeing any all-conference returning players, however, there is more to those honors than skill alone, record of program and coaches influence go into them too. I bet there are some deserving kids on the roster that were not chosen on those league politics. They will make themselves known quickly like the two O-linemen I'm hearing about that are going to plow for their RB’s and protect their QB. Parma will be adding in a new coaching staff and possibly a new scheme. However, as I see Sophomores on the roster, leads me to think they are scraping their JV team which can be harmful, overall for the program. 


Parma steps up and makes things interesting but is overwhelmed by the arm of Jennings and the experience of Gooding. 41-12 Gooding.


#5 Kimberly vs #5 Snake River – What better way to decide the tiebreaker of the preseason poll than to have both teams that are tied for #5 face off in the season opener? Kimberly is not far off from their first ever State Championship, I only hope they can get there before their town grows too big and they get moved up to 4A. Kimberly, like Gooding, Homedale and Sugar has been a consistent top 5 program in the past 5+ years. Each year they only improve on the year before. According to a Tweet I saw this morning; Kimberly has the best RB in 3A if not the State. This get me excited for another great season to come for the Bulldogs. Snake River is still trying to recover from a slump from recent years. They got lucky a few years ago with an easy side of a rough playoff bracket and easy road to the state championship game. Maybe it was more players recovering from injury in time for league and playoffs than it was luck, but its in the past. Snake River is a big-time program that is trying to get back on its feet. A victory over a Great Kimberly team, week 1, would be a great start. 


Kimberly is returning Dawson Cummins, 12, QB/WR/DB, AJ Garrell, 12, OL/LB, Brandt Etherington, 12, FB/DL, McKade Huft, 12, RB, Trace Mayo, 11, DL/LB, and Brett Bronson, 11, WR/DB, bringing in Riley Mickelson, 11, RB/LB, Trevor Christensen, 11, RB/LB, Caelix Jones, 11, OL/DE, Heath Owens, 10, QB/WR/DB, and Race Widmeir, 10, RB/DB.


Kimberly is returning 3 All-State players including their RB and O-Lineman. They did lose two of their best O-linemen last year that could affect the year that Huft will have this year. But if the veteran kids can get the replacements up to speed quickly, I see another successful year for Kimberly. 


Snake River returning Treyton Young, 12, RB, Kolby Fox, 12, TE, Armondo Garza, 12, LB, Cody Anderson, 12, DB, Ty Belnap, 12, OL/DL, Taylor Scott, 12, OL/DL, Cooper Polatis, 12, OL, Trey Poulter, 11, WR, Mitch Lindsay, 11, QB, and bringing in Kelan Dayley, 11, DB, Drake Anderton, 11, DE.


A word to describe Snake River last year would have been young. Those young kids are now experienced and ready for Friday nights. It has been mentioned by Coach Harrison, the head man for his 4th season, that they will have enough cats to platoon! That is huge for a 3A program. It is extremely difficult to beat a team that can platoon at the 3A level, just ask any team that had to face Emmett in thier 2015, undefeated, 11-0 season. 


Kimberly has a RB who is very experienced behind a half experienced line. They lost some impact players on D from last year, but not enough to make a huge impact on them. I believe that Snake has the coaching staff, kids and tools to make it a good year, but putting all of those things together is when Snake will Rise once again. 


I am a coach for a decently sized program right now, a 4A Idaho equivalent, and even we struggle to platoon it. We have enough kids to platoon but to have the best kid at each of those positions is a different story.


If Snake can truly platoon it, I believe they have a shot to go deep this year and at the very least get their conference crown back. However, until that happens, they have a rough opener against a run heavy Kimberly. I see Huft finding the hole more than anything in this one and he and Kimberly running away with it. 41-20 Kimberly


Week 2 Predicted Top 5

1. Sugar

2. Homedale

3. Gooding

4. Kimberly

5. Timberlake


(Thank you to for doing team previews and allowing me to see what players are returning with what honors.)

Aug 31

SRV Wrap Up

Fruitland 28 South Fremont 20: A young Fruitland team went on the road and pulled out a come from behind win to start the season off. Quarterback Joe Hengeller had a solid outing, throwing for 162 yards and 4 touchdowns after having not played last year and also having shoulder surgery in the spring.

Homedale 48 New Plymouth 0: Nothing at all is surprising hear. Homedale blowing out New Plymouth is a regular occurence.

Gooding 61 Parma 6: Again, nothing surpising. Gooding is simply flat out better than Parma right now.

Cole Valey 62 Payette 0: I feel pretty bad for Payette right now. After what happened last year, getting 60 plus hung on you and getting shutout on top of that can't feel very good.

Weiser 41 Buhl 14: Weiser took a road trip to Buhl and took care of business.

Aug 31Edited: Aug 31

@grizz200 Thanks for clearing some of the scores up. had several games scored incorrectly, which in turn, our local paper must have copied their scores from

They had New Plymouth winning 48 - 0 and South winning 42 - 14. I believe they had the Sugar/Declo game with a final showing the halftime score. I much appreciate , but they need a bit more reliable way of reporting. And, I don't have the solution. ;)




BTW, is there anybody out there that can confirm that several of Kimberly's key players quit the team?


Aug 31

It's not just that had incorrect scores last night. Both the Idaho Statesman and the Post Register also had incorrect scores as well.

Thanks Grizz200. I was going to reply and say the same thing. We (media) all had them reported to us incorrectly. Since most games don't have media members on the sidelines these days, we all have to rely on reported scores being accurate. Since we all heard the same thing, we ran with it.

Solution: Volunteer to report scores for your team. This is a problem across the state in all classifications. Every media outlet is struggling to get teams to report results. Coaches have more on their plate than ever, and this responsibility seems to be falling by the wayside.

Coaches and Fans do report the scores but often hours later, and after the media mistakes it....

Sep 2Edited: Sep 3

Tweeting is not reporting. Every school knows how to report scores to their paper. Three days later, we still haven't heard a single word from 7 of 18 games Friday night. That's pretty typical.


All confusion from this game came from an inaccurate tweet because nobody heard from either school Friday night. At 1 a.m., we ultimately decided to go with it because there was NOTHING else anywhere. That was a mistake.


My point is, if anyone went up to their coach and volunteered to take stats and call in games, that coach would probably kiss you on the mouth.

Maybe, just maybe, the media can take the initiative and contact these statistic trackers on their own? I mean, I know for sure that most good programs have one on or near their staff. I know that Sugar has a dang good one and hes been there for 10+ years, for example. So maybe the Media can take the time to contact a school or coach to find out who that person might be and set up that database of contacts.

I would do that for you, however, I am a bit busy on Friday Nights....

We send full instructions to every school before the start of each sports season (fall, winter, spring) on how to report results. The reality is only a few football programs have a stat keeper. Most football coaches do it off film the next day.


If I could clone Ted Parkinson and put him in all 150 schools in the state, I would. Because right now there are about 5-10 people statewide doing what he does with full stats for both teams. Sugar-Salem is lucky to have him. I remember trying to get stats from Sugar before he started helping, and it wasn't always pretty.


More schools keep live Friday night stats for themselves, but again, it's a small minority. I can count on about 10 of the 39 football teams we cover to send consistently report on Friday night. And it's not always the big and "good" programs. I'm more likely to hear from Wilder on Friday night than I am Eagle or Bishop Kelly. It's just a matter of finding the right person to volunteer, which is hard.


If everyone who complained about their kid not being in the paper volunteered, this wouldn't be a problem.

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Week 1 Top schools rewind:

#1 Sugar goose eggs Declo in battle of defending state champs. 54-0

#2 Homedale puts an equal beating on New Plymouth 48-0

#3 Timberlake had the week off.

#4 Gooding beats down cross state foe, Parma 61-6

#5 Snake takes the tiebreaker away from #5 Kimberly 42-14 


Weiser beats Buhl 41-14

Marsh Valley beats Malad 55-6

Fruitland beats South Fremont 28-20


Week 2 Top Teams


#1 Sugar vs 4A Rival Shelley

#2 Gooding vs #5 Fruitland

#3 Homedale vs 2A Melba

#4 Snake River vs 2A Power West Side

#5 Fruitland vs #2 Gooding


Weiser visits Kellogg in the North

South Fremont vs West Jefferson

Marsh Valley vs Filer

Kimberly vs American Falls

Timberlake vs Freeman (WA)


Week 2 – RPI

This can be way off due to Oregon and Washington schools have not started yet and a few teams who had first week bye weeks are all entered in as .5 instead of 0 for points. And also the fact that it is week one and not alot of data to go off of.


1) Marsh Valley 65.61

2) Homedale 65.20

3) Sugar 64.76

4) Weiser 62.46

5) Fruitland 61.02

6) Snake River 60.98

7) Gooding 59.56

8) Timberlake 46.33

9) South Fremont 39.64

10) Kimberly 24.58


Some teams like Marsh and Snake will have a weaker rank through the season even if they are undefeated due to the choice of multiple opponents at the 2A level. 

@Paul Kingsbury I use a tablet for stats for St Maries during our radio broadcasts. I can add one of your guys emails to my app so you guys can pull up box scores and stats from our games.

@Timothy Parrish No one cares about St. Maries.....Just kidding... Any way I could get an invite to that? Would love to track my cousins boy, Cooper Daniel.

Week 3 RPI


1) Snake River 66.92

2) Marsh Valley 66.35

3) Sugar 66.12

4) Homedale 65.01

5) Gooding 64.15

6) Weiser 63.62

7) Timberlake 57.84

8) South Fremont 56.98

9) Fruitland 51.68

10) Kimberly 45.66


Class 3A Week 3 Media Poll

Rank Team Name (1st Place Votes) W-L Pts Pvs

1. Sugar-Salem (8) 2-0 40 1

2. Homedale 2-0 31 2

3. Gooding 2-0 20 3

4. Timberlake 1-0 12 4

5. Snake River 2-0 10 5

Others receiving votes: Kellogg 4, South Fremont 2, Weiser 1


This is a typical media poll; it is surprising to see Timberlake in the Top 5 over South Fremont or Weiser. I am also surprised to see Kellogg 0-2, just outside the Top 5 with them having one loss against 2A St. Maries and the 2nd loss to lower ranked Weiser who is 2-0.... Where are these votes coming from? I would like to understand this thinking.


Class 3A Week 3 Coaches Poll

Rank Team Name (1st Place Votes) W-L Pts Pvs

 1. Sugar-Salem (9) 2-0 49 1

 2. Gooding 2-0 33 2

 3. Homedale (1) 2-0 33 3

 4. Snake River 2-0 13 4

 5. Weiser 2-0 8 -


I honestly think this is the most accurate ranking that I have seen in a long time. I am confused how Gooding and Homedale are tied with points, but Homedale has a first-place vote and Gooding does not which in my opinion should have Homedale in 2nd. However, I do like Gooding in 2nd other than that one small fact. Gooding just defeated a strong 3A opponent while Homedale has defeated two 2A foes.


Top 3A Games this Week


Kimberly @ 2A Declo After Kimberly’s loss to Snake in week 1, they need a big win to bounce back. A win last week against American Falls is not enough, but a win against the defending 2A Champions, should put them back near the Top 5. 


2A West Side @ Marsh Valley – Marsh Valley has been a hot team the past few years including taking the conference championship last year. They are out to prove that they are once again the top dog in their conference and will take it once more from Snake River. To do that, they have scheduled some tough opponents in their non-conference including West Side, Bear Lake, Sugar and South Fremont.  A win will help them be noticed more in the polls and a loss will keep them where they are, near the bottom of the Top 10.


Sugar-Salem @ 4A Star Valley (WY) - This must be my most anticipated matchup of the year. Like week 1 where defending 3A State Champion Sugar took on defending 2A State Champion Declo, this week pits defending State Champion Sugar vs defending (Wyoming) State Champion Star Valley. Sugar handed Star Valley their only loss of the season last year in a blowout, however, there were some key injuries to Star Valley early in that game that they could not recover from until the next week. Star Valley is back for revenge, this time playing host to the Diggers. I anticipate a battle between Star Valley high powered offense and Sugar’s Top ranked Defense. A victory here would be huge for both programs. If Sugar walks away victorious, I see a straight-line to another State Championship game. If they lose however, there will be a big mix in next week's Top 5. 


4A Moscow @ Timberlake – This is a big game for Timberlake. They have a strong schedule and a victory over 4A defending conference champion, Moscow would show a lot of people that this could be a year that the North actually puts a quality team into the playoffs. A loss will push them from the Top 5 in the 3A polls. 


Gooding @ Weiser – This may be the biggest 3A matchup of the week. Two Top 5 teams go head to head. Weiser host Gooding which is very good for them because they will need all the help, they can get to defeat the powerful Senators. Gooding is coming in after rolling Weisers conference foe, Fruitland, last week. Weiser, however, took the tough task of traveling across the state last week to take on Kellogg and have the structure built to help them succeed in this matchup. A loss by Weiser will send them out of the Top 5 to join South Fremont, Fruitland, and Kimberly looking in. A loss for Gooding this week would be devastating, however, I don’t see them dropping from the Top 5 if they did. 

Sep 12

coach Newell, I would assume the reason that the media poll has Timberlake ahead of south fremont is probably the same reasoning your RPI has them in front of South Fremont. South has not had the strongest showing this year. They did beat up in west jeff but then again so did melba. I have no idea why Weiser would not be in the mix. It should take care of itself this weekend with the Gooding v Weiser matchup. I dont think Kellogg should have a vote for top 10 let alone top 5. They will probably be the 2nd team out of the North, I assume Priest and Bonners will be young. It would look like Timberlake has the same schedule it had last year without the French town Montana game to start the season. Watching film it would look like it is Sugars title to win this year. They are big and physical and move the ball extremely well. Not a lot of 3a teams can match up with them up front for 4 quarters. As with all 3a school generally depth is a issue. If Snake has the depth they will make a run this year.

I was more thinking Weiser should be in the Top 5 than Timberlake. Not sure why I put South there. But to round out the top 10 would be Marsh Valley, Timberlake, South Fremont, Fruitland and maybe Kimberly.

Sep 13

@Coach Newell We could also say that if Timberlake were to beat Kellogg it would not be a huge increase in ranking... My guess is the sports writers read your stuff here and decided its it holds some weight and the win for Weiser along with their win at a not as strong as once was Buhl maybe the sports writers decided it was a push on who got ranked. Outside of Sugar and Homedale I think the rankings are a guess at best this early in the season.

@gunner yea it is alot of a guessing game. I just did my week 3 picks and it was tough to go on with just 2 weeks. However, I would add Gooding to Sugar and Homedale as well known top of the ranks but would agree the rest is a guessing game for a few weeks. Sugar has a tough out of state game, Homedale takes on 4A Baker OR which could be tough and Gooding takes on another top 5. Each of these match ups will tell us alot about those 3 teams too.

Sep 14

Is Shane Jennings college material? How well will he do. Heard Utah State had someone ahead of him so signed with Eastern Washington or will. Wonder how that will work out. Said he hopes to go to the pro,s. Just about every kid hopes too. But reality sets in. He lives in Dietrich. Wonder if and when he will get much playing time in college if he is that good.


Sugar, Kimberly, Weiser, Homedale Gooding any of them could make noise on the 3a level. Not sure how many others out there on that level.

Do you have a score of the Sugar game?

Sep 14

Weisers second half start was the difference in the game and held on to win 45-42 with a 1st and goal Gooding series that ended in a 4th down incomplete. Gooding was as good as advertised, but a pesky Weiser D caused prblems for their QB. Goodings last drive was aided by extra timeouts for Gooding on their last drive. Gooding will win the 4th, and Homedale and Weiser seem to be the front runners for Dist3. Dont sell KELLOGG short, they are a decent program in the north!

Sep 14

Star Valley 24 Sugar 7. SV in control the entire game

Sep 14

Should've posted this before, but the Sugar/SV game was broadcast by SVI Media...small town company that does an amazing job with a broadcast. You should be able to watch the archived broadcast by going to

Sep 14

My top picks

1 Homedale

1a Sugar

3 Timberlake

4 Weiser

5 Snake

Sep 14

Here are my picks after week 3


(1) SUGAR SALEM- still the top dog in my book despite losing to SV


(2) HOMEDALE- beat Baker at home. 1st real test of the season.


(3) SNAKE RIVER- much improved over last years squad.


(4) WEISER- Harrison is a proven commodity in the win column.


(5) GOODING- their quick tempo passing game is hard to beat.


(5) TIMBERLAKE- time will tell if the north has arrived.


Marsh Valley, Fruitland, South Fremont, Kimberly and Kellogg notable mentions.



Week 4 RPI Rankings


1)Snake River 65.77

2)Homedale 65.67

3)Weiser 65.41

4)Timberlake 59.56

5)Sugar 57.44

6)Marsh Valley 56.51

7)South Fremont 55.81

8)Gooding 52.06

9)Fruitland 50.20

10)Kimberly 39.73


Despite taking a 15% penalty on their second win over a 2A opponent, Snake River takes the top spot. Homedale makes up for their previous penalty with a 15% bonus with a win over 4A equivalent, Baker OR, and remains near the Top. Sugar takes a hit with a loss to Star Valley but remains in the top 5. Timberlake with a 15% bonus with the big win over 4A Moscow. Weisers win over Gooding puts them in the top 5 while it sends Gooding to the bottom of the top 10 in RPI.

Sep 17

RPI numbers are so IMPERSONAL! S.S. should still be #1. Homedale and Weiser should continue to be in the top 5. Snake River has legitimate claim to top 5 status and if it were me i would still have Gooding top 5..... Until Timberlake beats a strong team i would NOT put them top 5. This week they play another bigger school in Rogers of Spokane that is VERY VERY weak. RPI will like their deceptive win. IFFFFFF Timberlake beats Lakeland in a few weeks i would not put them top 5 for now. Gooding and S.R. should be another great game on par with the Weiser- Gooding game. I think Gooding will squeak out a victory at home.

@bngsharp yea, I'll post my rankings tomorrow. Had to grade my current teams film today and did not have time. I agree that Sugar should have the top spot despite the loss, it was alot closer than the score shows. I may not rank them #1 though, if I do, I believe I may be bias. I believe they are a close second with the loss though, and I guarantee that Star Valley is going to repeat as state champs in Wyoming.


The one good thing about RPI, however, is it is slowly being adopted by Idaho and it truly causes the best teams in the state to meet in the playoffs.

Sep 17

@bngsharp on a normal year I would say they same thing you said earlier.

But until Gooding beats a tough team this year how could they be top 5. If they loose this week to S.R. What tough team have they beat this year. Weiser at least has the win against Gooding. but if Gooding looses to SR does that mean that the Weiser win is not that monumental? Until teams win this year last year doesnt count. The fact that Timberlake went farther than Weiser last year means nothing this year.

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It also adds a bit of excitement. I coach at a 3A Colorado program right now. Probably the Equivalent of a small Idaho 5A program. Anyways, there are 42 3A teams in the state and only the top 16 teams according to conference champions and then RPI make it in. We were right on the bubble last year at rank 18th with a 6-4 record and were on Twitter and the news channels to see who won and lost that final Friday night to see where it put us. Turned out when the dust settled, we were in at a 12th seed. That excitement was felt all around town and made possible by the RPI system.

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