Oct 27

3A playoffs


Leaves are on the ground, the air is crisp, and playoff football is upon us.

Round 1

Kimberly vs Fruitland: Of the 3 games slated for the first round, I think this one has the best potential. Last year these 2 gave fans an absolute treat of a game that had very few penalties, just 1 turnover, and it literally came down to who had the ball last. Can they repeat what happened last year? Probably not, but it should still be a very competitive game.

Kellogg vs Teton: When was the last time Teton reached the quarterfinals? Kellogg has managed once or twice. Neither team has had a lot of success football wise, but if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Teton though. Even though the definitely were benefiting from extremely poor weather conditions, their win over Snake is far more impressive than anythng Kellogg has shown this year.

Marsh Valley vs Weiser: The last time these two teams faced each other, not a single player on their rosters was alive. That also happened to be the last time Weiser won a state championship. Their opponent: Marsh Valley. Weiser is having their best season in years, while Marsh Valley has definitely had their struggles.

Oct 28

I wouldn't mind seeing RPI set up a Sanke - Teton rematch. Easily could happen in the quarterfinals and for more reasons than justifying the Redskin win this season. Travelling nearly 500 miles to Kellogg certainly gives that team some advantage.


Anybody know where Kellog's home field is?

Oct 28

They play off campus at a baseball field south of the 90 freeway. Not sure of the offramp. It would be a very nice location if it were renovated. The last time that I was on the field, the field was full of ruts and holes that struck me as just looking for some ankles to break.

Oct 29

@chuck Thanks! resorted to Hudl to see the field didn't look to be the one next to their high school on Google maps.

@chuck Love that field. Grew up playing snow football on it. It reminds me of Sandpoints field but really needs a renovation.

Its the 2nd exit in kellogg from either direction. Then turn south cant miss it


Round 1

Kimberly vs Fruitland: I think this game should be close, but I think Kimberly may come away with the win. Fruitland barely beat 2A Declo who Kimberly barely lost to. Fruitland was also destroyed by Gooding who barely beat Kimberly. Kimberly started off down for sure but has recovered and is playing better football than Fruitland right now. Kimberly wins it 22-13.

Kellogg vs Teton: Kellogg has played a tough schedule this year and is coming in with a poor record to show for it, but the thing is they are used to tough teams like Teton and will know what they are facing. Teton is a tough team on down years, but I feel this is their best season, minus the loss to 2A Salmon, that they have had since their State Championship in the beginning of the Century. Teton walks away with this one 21-6.

Marsh Valley vs Weiser: Weiser is having one of their best seasons in a very long time and Marsh Valley, although not a pushover in the least, is still down many of their best players on injuries. Even though Marsh Valleys underclassmen have stepped up their game to fill holes and push Marsh to the Playoffs, I see a similar game as Sugar-Salem's 2015 matchup with Filer in the first round of the playoffs, and a 48-0 win for Weiser.

@Coach Newell I guess with the RPI we will get to see the match up between Jennings and Harris, might help us come together on which one is the better dual threat QB form our discussions last year..........

@Shane Prince I kid you not, I was just thinking the same thing this very morning while watching the Gooding vs Kimberly game.

@Shane Prince Although, just looking over the stats now, Jennings does have higher rushing yards and passing yards. We will just have to see how the playoffs pan out before we go too far though :)

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And after all this RPI talk and effort we still end up with districts 1 and 3 on one side of the bracket with 4,5, and 6 on the other side just like the good ole days.


Ironic, isn't it? The last four years the brackets have been mixed up quite well, which has resulted in matchups that have typically been reserved for the state championship happening in the semis, or even the quarterfinals.

@grizz200 I still think the two best teams are on opposite sides of the bracket with Homedale and Sugar though. Watched your Grizz dismantle Kimberly last night. They might be peaking at the right time. Tough draw however with Homedale in the first round.

The one that has me scratching my head is Snake at #2. Two losses to teams ranked lower than them and barely beating a couple 2A teams. RPI is an interesting thing.

Nov 2

@RunForrest I agree! How does Snake rate above an undefeated Timberlake? I don't care that they play in the worst league in the state, at any division, they soundly beat 4A schools and can't do anything about the poor quality of the teams in their league.

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Fruitland 64 Kimberly 29: In which we all collectively scratch our heads and ask: "where did this Fruitland team come from?"

Teton 33 Kellogg 6: Teton cruises past Kellogg to advance to the quarterfinals.

Weiser 28 Marsh Valley 13: Marsh Valley put up a much bigger fight than most of us were expecting, but in the end, Weiser simply had too much.


Score Predictions


SS vs Gooding- I got SS in a blowout 50-6. Sugar is too dominant from what I have seen this year.

Snake vs Teton- I think this one is closer than most think. SR wins 21-20

Homedale vs Fruitland- This is a league rematch. I got Fruitland in the upset 35-14.

Timberlake vs Weiser- This one is closer because of the weather. Weiser - 21-7



Sugar vs Gooding - both have powerful offenses but Sugar has the best Defense in the state in all classifications in my honest opinion. Sugar shuts them down despite being held to only 2 offensive TDs. Sugar wins 21-0.

Teton vs Snake - I have great love for the underdog, and Teton has been nothing but an underdog for years now, but they got lucky with the blizzard in their first game with Snake. Snake comes out and shows why they are the #2 seed and wins 27-12.

Homedale vs Fruitland - conference rematch with the same result despite Fruitlands blowout performance last week. Homedale 35 - 16.

Timberlake vs Weiser - it has been an outstanding year for both of these programs. Timberlake has a win over Moscow who has a win over Sandpoint who beat two 5A programs this year as well as a win over a good 4A Lakeland. Weiser has beat Gooding, Fruitland and Kellogg, all playoff teams. The tougher competition gives Timberlake the edge. Timberlake wins 34-26

@chuck you were right!! We lost a kid in warm ups to a divot in the field. Found out this morning its a broken bone.


My kid commented how half the field is rock hard and the other half is spongy. Witnessed that for myself after the game.

Quarterfinal Time!

1. Homedale vs 8. Fruitland: On paper this should be a very easy game for Homedale. The last time these teams played, Homedale completely embarassed Fruitland in a 56-6 road win. Homedale's closest competition has been Oregon 3A equivalent Baker (28-7) and what has been a rock steady Weiser team (34-14). Outside of that, Homedale has been a total wrecking machine. Fruitland meanwhile, has struggled for most of the season. However, in the last few weeks, Fruitland has seemingly remembered "how to Fruitland." In what should have been the most competitive game of the weekend against Kimberly, Fruitland found themselves up 56-7 at one point in the 3rd quarter, before hitting cruise control. As a friendly reminder this is the same Kimberly squad that held an extremely explosive Gooding squad to a measly 14 points.

2. Snake River vs 7. Teton: Oh look, another early season rematch! Teton won round 1 in a very early snow storm. This time there won't be a snow storm to make things interesting, but I still wouldn't take Teton lightly if I were Snake.

3. Sugar Salem vs 6. Gooding: I'm noticing some extremely interesting similarities between this matchup and last years semifinal game between Sugar and Kimberly. Namely, that Sugar's upcoming opponent's previous opponent gave them a blue print for beating them. What do I mean by this? When Kimberly played Fruitland a year ago, Fruitland was able to throw the ball over Kimberly. A week later Sugar was able to repeat what Fruitland did in the air and was able to combine that with a much better ground game and defensive performance. This time it's Kimberly giving Sugar a defenive blue print to shutdown what has been for most of the season a very impressive offense.

4. Timberlake vs 5. Weiser: If I could only chose one game to watch this weekend, it would be this one. I think these these two teams are the most evenly matched of all the teams, at least on paper. Then again, the game that I thought was going to be the closest last week ended up being a complete blowout, so...

Nov 5

I'll be at the Weiser v. Timberlake game. I've seen Timberlake a couple of times, but they were not playing a very tough team each time. It should be a good game both with the players and the coaching matchup. I'm curious to see Harrison and staff against Albertson and staff.

Homedale blew out Fruitland during season by 50, and Weiser by 20. Now it appears they play Fruitland in first round, and possibly Weiser in second round. (Could be a playoff scenario against familiar league teams} I think Homedale will cruise to title game with only marginal competition. Im thinking Sugar will cruise through their side and set up a rematch of last year. Homedale will have to have their A game to even stay in the game.

Nov 5Edited: Nov 5

Although I agree with your end results, I think the road to it will be anything but easy and "cruise control" as you put it. I don't know if I have seen 6 teams as good as Homedale, Weiser, Sugar, Snake, Gooding, and Timberlake, all alive for the quarters and looking as good as all of these teams look. Weiser is going to struggle with Timberlake and Homedale will have their work cut out for them with Timberlake or Weiser in the Semi's. Sugar got the best seeding on the bottom part of the bracket but have a huge test this week against Gooding. Sugar has not had an in-state nor 3A test yet this year and it's rough to take on that test for the first time in the quarter finals at state. Then next week they may play a team that was barely beat by Gooding... So we will have to see if Sugar is up to the test of facing some real competition finnally.


I’m not sure what Timberlake has, only familiar with southwest and magic teams.

I was present at both Homedale games against Weiser and Fruitland, and neither of them generated only a very few first downs, let alone scores. The only Weiser scores were on big play run backs or broken plays. Not much generated by either actual offense. . I still think Homedale gets by either of these teams, but Timberlake could be an unknown . The Sugar/Gooding game might be interesting.

Either way this Friday and Saturday will

be interesting


I for one always doubt the North. And if it were not for Timberlakes wins over 4A Moscow and Lakeland, I would be doubting them again this year. Moscow is, or more so, has been a very weak 4A school but they just won their conference title and beat both Sandpoint and Lakeland as well as losing to 5A Lewiston in a close one. Lakeland also is a hit and miss program but they played a few 5A thus year and lost some close ones too. Sandpoint lost to Moscow who lost to Timberlake but beat a few 5A teams..... So out of all that, Timberlake is playing at a higher level than anything we have seen out of them in the past and they are putting up big numbers 40+ each week.


There are too many games to say that the Timberlake vs Homedale game will be the best to watch, but if I were to make it to a game this year, it be that one or Homedale vs Sugar in the ship.

You may be right as to the strength of schedule Timberlake has had. I still think Homedale will get by Fruitland, and Timberlake will get by Weiser, which will put a test for Homedale that they might not see coming in playing Timberlake the second round. That could prove to be a good match

Nov 8Edited: Nov 8

Sugar-Salem 47 - Gooding 20


Sugar was up 40-0 at half and scored on their opening drive of the second half. Apparently there is not a running clock mercy rule in the playoffs or it may be 48+ points. I would like to say that Gooding only scored in scrub time, however, it looked like Sugars #1 DB's were still in the game being beat down the field on some big passes by Jennings. There were some scrub time calls by the refs but that is expected in the second half with one team blowing out the other.


@Shane Prince On the ground, it looked pretty even between the two QB's. Jennings ran the ball a lot and Harris did not but the average per gain would be around the same. Through the air, Jennings threw the ball also a lot and Harris did not. Jennings was on point though with his throws putting them high to his favorite target over the shorter secondary of Sugar. Sugar has very skilled dudes at DB, I think 5 of the 6 all conference DB's were from Sugar and Jennings was having his way with them for the most part in that second half. Who is that receiver who had those amazing grabs for Gooding? Jennings threw 2 picks to Harris's 1.


Seeing how Harris only played one series of the 2nd half, we can compare the first half stats for both QBs for our head to head comparison.


Jennings: 4 completions on 16 attempts for 60 yards, no scores and 2 Interceptions. 10 rushing attempts for 4 yards.


Harris: 2 completions on 6 attempts for 70 yards, 1 TD and 1 Interception. 1 rushing attempt for 21 yards.


Sugar scored on their first 2 possessions and lead 21-0 by the end of the first Quarter. Sugars 3rd score came after blocking a Gooding punt and recovering it in the red zone. It was a very dominate performance by Sugar in the first half and in the second they let slip some big plays.

I'm honestly not completely shocked by this result. Gooding was given everything they could handle a couple of weeks ago by a middle of the road Kimberly team, and given what Fruitland did a week later, well...

Nov 8Edited: Nov 9

@Coach Newell Funny that you ask, that reciever is my son Andrew Prince. Has been hard for anyone to defend all year just not always used till it is a got to have it situation. Wont go into coaching politics just leave it at that. And yes Sugar is the real deal and had Gooding on their heels in the first half. Very well coached with a great game plan.

@Shane Prince well your boy is a stud. I am very impressed with his catches. Tell him congrats on a very successful season. 8-2 is very good. I hope he goes on with Jennings and plays ball at the next level somewhere.

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Updated my last post after I gathered some stats.

Had to chuckle when I listened to the IdahoSports replay. They said Sugar's only loss was to Star Valley's JV. Might want to do some research before telling us more than you know. Haha



I think they need to do away with the play in games in 3a and 2a and just stick with top 8 teams in RPI for the playoffs with conference champions first then the final 2-3 at large to fill in the bracket that are the top rated. Then you could finish state a week earlier for those divisions instead of dragging out the playoffs and maybe have less first round blowouts. Or at least give homefield advantage to the top ranked teams in RPI instead of a 7-1 Weiser traveling to a 4-4 Marsh Valley. The coaches poll should at least be weighted in the RPI as well.

You can't use polls in the RPI because than it would be affected by human input. Right now, RPI is pure data and not affected by human error.


Was talking to an old coach down here last night and he said that they ran the 30/40/30 ratio in Colorado the very first year but a 3-7 team still made it to that years playoffs out of 16 of 50 teams. After that year they switched to 40/40/20 with alot less issues. That is where Idaho needs to make the move to.

It's also ridiculous that the east and south teams get to play their playoff games in Holt prior to the state finals game while everyone else in the state plays outdoors games, kind of a nice advantage when the finals game is played at Holt arena. Of course nobody from that part of the state sees anything wrong with it.

It's home field teams choice, just like north teams can choose to play in the Kibi Dome if they so choose. If District 3 had a dome instead of a stupid blue turf, they would be doing the same thing.

I get that they can choose where to play I'm saying it shouldn't be an option at all, none of the teams should be able to play their playoff games in the same venue that the state championship game will be played in. It is a significant advantage to have played 1-2 of your playoff games in a dome leading up to the state finals game versus a team that's played all their games outdoors. Spare me the it makes no difference garbage, when you have evenly matched teams that can make all of the difference. I've watched plenty of teams play in Holt and watched teams that didnt have condition issues somehow have issues in that dome and it wasn't because of the other team was wearing them down and wouldn't you know it the team that had played a few games in there was fine. I've played in holt and it's dead air and a lot warmer than the fall weather that teams have acclimated to outside. We won the title game but it shouldn't have been that close.

If you don't like it, then you should play better so that you have home field advantage and don't have to deal with it.


But it's not just playoff games that get played there. Many of the surrounding schools play regular season games there. It is a choice for them and always will be.


The heat is not really an issue, the true advantage of the dome is quick teams as the turf makes you quicker vs grass. Also the cheerleaders. Because they shut down the home side, all the fans and cheerleaders are over the visitors side and you can't hear anything vs the home side where you could hear a needle drop.

Just my opinion, but playing in the domes or on the blue does give kids that are not playing at the next level a chance to play on a college field just once. Those memories are priceless too some.....

Your right marsh valley definitely played better than weiser with their 4-4 record and deserved home field advantage for the play in game. Yes and other games are played there besides the playoffs like Pocatello HS home games. So teams play most of the season on grass then they get to play a title game on turf. And I'm sure the 60 temperature is equitable to playing outside in the 30s and 40s. I agree the noise is ridiculous in there and there is a definite advantage to being on one side from the other. Scrub the games being played in there prior to the state title games, play at your own fields like most the other schools do.

I'm right where they would not even be playing there if they beat Homedale. Those play in games are set before the season happens.


Also, if it's that big of a deal to play on grass instead of turf, and not being used to it, I'm sure there is a 4A or 5A program near Weiser where they could rent the field for $200-$300 to practice on it. Also, there are turf fields in Pocatello you could get a pre game day practice on before you go in the the dome and play. If it was that big a deal for Weisers coaches, they could make things happen. Stop complaining about it.

The play in games are ridiculous take the top eight teams and call it good. Just to be clear you dont see anything wrong with the higher ranked team having to travel for the play in? I dont care if they are set in advance they shouldn't even have them in the first place. A practice or two on turf isn't the same as having a couple games on turf in a dome, you as a coach i think would understand that. Homedale has played all of their games outside and if they win their semifinal game will get to play against Snake or Sugar that will have already played two games in Holt. And that's a bunch of garbage no matter how you try to cut it. As far as the experience of playing on a college field the kids could probably care less as compared to just being in a playoff game or title game.

Don't talk to me about fair, Sugar had to travel to Homedales backyard last year as the HOME team in the championship and then was placed on the visitors sideline with the chain crew. Only "advantage" they received as the home team was wearing their blue home jerseys....


I'll say it again, if Weisers coaches thought it was important enough to be accumulated to turf, they have the means to do so. Same with Homedale.

@Coach Newell playing outside in Middleton on fake grass is not the same as playing in a dome on astro turf! Dont even try to tell me that's the same as in Holt arena acoustic wise or field conditions. The feel of the field is at least similar to grass where as turf isn't. And for how many years have north and west teams had to travel to Holt? They didnt used to rotate it like they do now which is more fair than it used to be. Last I checked there aren't any domes with astroturf in the treasure valley for them have their games in like east does. No team should be able to play a game on the same field as the championship site prior to the state championship game, I dont think that is unreasonable.

@DMTwrestler I completely agree, playing outside on field turf at Middleton is much different than playing on Astro Turf. I played on Astro Turf in the Kibi Dome in College and it sucks. Only problem of your point is Holt has not had Astro Turf since July of 2011. They have infill field turf, the same turf they use at Cowboys Stadium in the NFL.


If you are crying foul that you don't have a dome, take your complaint to BSU for not making one instead of the eye sore they already have.

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  • @Shane Prince I have a ring of College Recruiters that are always looking for that star athlete. I send them Information on the players that I coach who have mentioned that they wish to play at the next level. In the past, I have submitted about 7 players from my team, another 3-4 from Sugar-Salem to try to help those kids out and the random one or two that follow me on twitter to help get their name out there. I don't have many connections at the moment, but they include, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado , Air Force Academy, School of Mines (Colorado), Fort Lewis (Colorado), University of Wyoming, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Idaho and Idaho State University. University of Idaho has recently changed their recruiting coordinator and my connection at Idaho State has moved on, but I am sure I could find their replacements. If you know of any excellent athletes, that would like to play at the next level, please reply with their information here. If you could include the following information, it would be greatly beneficial: Name High School High School Size (5A-1AD2) Positions Height and Weight Wingspan Vertical 40 Time Bench - Squat - Clean - Max (3 reps) Senior Year Stats (If the athlete was injured most of the year, include Junior year Stats) Also include both a teaser highlight reel and a full highlight reel. A teaser reel is what college coaches mostly watch. It is your biggest plays and also biggest side plays (Blocking as a WR or RB for key plays of others) and is no longer than about 1-2 minutes. When recruiters see what they like in the teaser reel, they will normally watch the full 4-5 min highlight reel to see the rest of your capabilities. Do not include any contact or academic information . If the recruiters like what they see, they have the means of contacting the recruits high school and coach or AD to get this information on their own. They will also get information on academics at this time from the coach or AD, so don't post the kids GPA or Test Scores. This is purely to help get more athletes noticed from the Great State of Idaho. Even if only a few players get contacted, it will have been a success. Thank you. Coach Newell