Nov 1

4A Football Chatter


Let’s hear who you’ve got for round 1! Not near enough chatter going on with the playoffs kicking off tomorrow in a very competitive 4A classification!


Moscow vs. Middleton - Moscow, I like the teams from the north this year and would really love to see them both do some damage!

Jerome vs. Hillcrest - Hillcrest

Kuna vs. Poky - Kuna, I mean come on!

Skyline vs. Vallivue - Vallivue, that QB is unreal

Century vs. Nampa - Century

BK vs. Canyon Ridge - BK

Blackfoot vs. Sandpoint - Sandpoint, another underdog from the north!

Minico vs Preston - Minico


fire away!







Kuna Skyline Century Bishop Kelly Blackfoot Minico

Agreed, been following these State wide playoffs for decades, and this maybe the most even fields in ALL classifications this year (with the exception of 5A). Should be an exciting next few weeks!



Middleton - (tho closer than some think, Reddinger is hard to stop)


Kuna- (I think this and the BK-Poky game maybe the only lopsided affair)

Valivue - (should be a great game)

Century -(if they can contain Nampa's QB)


Blackfoot (if Jekyll SP shows up. SP if Mr Hyde SP shows up)

Minico -(tho harder to beat a team the second time- the Preston QB/ DE is legit)


Nov 2

So much for those schools from the north. Go Kuna!

Wow! Some big upsets. I thought for sure the Skyline/Vallivue game would be closer. I heard their quarterback went out with a dislocated elbow.

Nov 2

Great night for the SIC. Should be four pretty good games this weekend. Vallivue and Kuna were pretty even the first time they played, and both teams seem to be hitting on all cylinders right now. Interesting to see if Nampa can go into BK and beat them twice in one year. Middleton needs to avoid the turnovers and dropped passes that have plagued them the last couple of weeks.

Nov 4

Another year, and another great first round for the SIC. I think that contiues this week, with three of the final four from Boise. Middleton beats Jerome, Kuna beats Vallivue(really wish I could see this one), BK exacts revenge on Nampa, and Blackfoot looking to keep the Championship in the East with a win over Minico.

On a side note, I really they Skyline QB hadn't gotten injured early. I think that may have been great game.

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  • Does anyone know if they will be opening both sides of Holt on Saturday for the Championship games?
  • I remember when the boards used to be a gathering place for all kinds of topics. Why isn't there as much chatter as there used to be? I feel like the website improved too. What gives?
  • @Shane Prince I have a ring of College Recruiters that are always looking for that star athlete. I send them Information on the players that I coach who have mentioned that they wish to play at the next level. In the past, I have submitted about 7 players from my team, another 3-4 from Sugar-Salem to try to help those kids out and the random one or two that follow me on twitter to help get their name out there. I don't have many connections at the moment, but they include, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado , Air Force Academy, School of Mines (Colorado), Fort Lewis (Colorado), University of Wyoming, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Idaho and Idaho State University. University of Idaho has recently changed their recruiting coordinator and my connection at Idaho State has moved on, but I am sure I could find their replacements. If you know of any excellent athletes, that would like to play at the next level, please reply with their information here. If you could include the following information, it would be greatly beneficial: Name High School High School Size (5A-1AD2) Positions Height and Weight Wingspan Vertical 40 Time Bench - Squat - Clean - Max (3 reps) Senior Year Stats (If the athlete was injured most of the year, include Junior year Stats) Also include both a teaser highlight reel and a full highlight reel. A teaser reel is what college coaches mostly watch. It is your biggest plays and also biggest side plays (Blocking as a WR or RB for key plays of others) and is no longer than about 1-2 minutes. When recruiters see what they like in the teaser reel, they will normally watch the full 4-5 min highlight reel to see the rest of your capabilities. Do not include any contact or academic information . If the recruiters like what they see, they have the means of contacting the recruits high school and coach or AD to get this information on their own. They will also get information on academics at this time from the coach or AD, so don't post the kids GPA or Test Scores. This is purely to help get more athletes noticed from the Great State of Idaho. Even if only a few players get contacted, it will have been a success. Thank you. Coach Newell