Sep 25, 2018

5A SIC Week 6


Edited: Sep 25, 2018

Seems like another quiet week for the most part. The most intriguing matchup to me is Skyview-Capital. Capital looked solid last week dominating a good Borah team, and it will be interesting to see if Skyview can bounce back and compete. Other than that, most of the the SIC's games this week "seem" pretty straight forward.

Here's my picks for the week

Eagle > Timberline - (shouldn't be close, but I've been wrong way more than right this year)

Borah > Boise - in a blowout

MV > Centennial - not close if MV's offense shows up

Rocky > Meridian - not sure if anyone can handle Rocky right now.

Capital > Skyview - think it will be close, but I think all those kids going both ways is starting to catch up to Skyview


What do you guys think?


Sep 26, 2018

I would agree with all of your assessments. Skyview this year has changed my perception on the 5ASIC.

With that I would add: Highland big over Thunder Ridge. However, the most telling 5A game this week will be the Rigby at Madison. OK I see black and red this time of the year and I am a HUGE Highland fan. However, after I watched the Highland CDA game last week, I still wonder if Highland is over-rated and there is more Parity in the EAST than I want to believe. Rigby played CDA at home much better than Highland did on the road. However Kale Edwards did not go off on Rigby as he did against Highland. However, Rigby's defense usually is pretty good and they have some nice sized players. This just tells me that there is a lot of football still to be played. Can Rigby's defense slow down Madison's spread. Madison with a loss to Skyview (UT) and a 1 point win against Hillcrest at Home makes me wonder if they are also as good as their ranking. However, they are at home (against Rigby) and also they have more experience in close and big games. I will give a slight nod to Madison at home. This will be a Big game in deciding who gets one of the two play off spots in the East. Enjoy the games.


Sep 27, 2018

I'm not sold on Madison or Rigby yet. I believe Madison wins at home as usual. Highland rolls over the Titans. Eagle over T-Line. Borah over Boise. Capital over Skyview. Rocky big over Meridian, RM is the only Grizzly team I cheer for. MV over Centennial

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  • @Shane Prince I have a ring of College Recruiters that are always looking for that star athlete. I send them Information on the players that I coach who have mentioned that they wish to play at the next level. In the past, I have submitted about 7 players from my team, another 3-4 from Sugar-Salem to try to help those kids out and the random one or two that follow me on twitter to help get their name out there. I don't have many connections at the moment, but they include, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado , Air Force Academy, School of Mines (Colorado), Fort Lewis (Colorado), University of Wyoming, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Idaho and Idaho State University. University of Idaho has recently changed their recruiting coordinator and my connection at Idaho State has moved on, but I am sure I could find their replacements. If you know of any excellent athletes, that would like to play at the next level, please reply with their information here. If you could include the following information, it would be greatly beneficial: Name High School High School Size (5A-1AD2) Positions Height and Weight Wingspan Vertical 40 Time Bench - Squat - Clean - Max (3 reps) Senior Year Stats (If the athlete was injured most of the year, include Junior year Stats) Also include both a teaser highlight reel and a full highlight reel. A teaser reel is what college coaches mostly watch. It is your biggest plays and also biggest side plays (Blocking as a WR or RB for key plays of others) and is no longer than about 1-2 minutes. When recruiters see what they like in the teaser reel, they will normally watch the full 4-5 min highlight reel to see the rest of your capabilities. Do not include any contact or academic information . If the recruiters like what they see, they have the means of contacting the recruits high school and coach or AD to get this information on their own. They will also get information on academics at this time from the coach or AD, so don't post the kids GPA or Test Scores. This is purely to help get more athletes noticed from the Great State of Idaho. Even if only a few players get contacted, it will have been a success. Thank you. Coach Newell
  • What high school seniors do we have this year that are planning on playing at the next level? It seems that we have a lot of kids going to smaller schools as well as some playing division 1 football every year. I would love to know who we have going where so I can continue to watch and support our Idaho boys.