Oct 13

Best Rival in 2A


I feel that Firth/North Fremont is the best rivalry in 2A. These two teams frequently battle for their conference title ever since Teton moved up. I'd love to hear others opinions on what you feel is the best rival in 2A.

Oct 13

Westside vs Aberdeen over the last 6 years is better

Oct 14

Good choice. Counter I'd give is that Westside has dominated the past two years, out scoring them 66-0. Also, there was a year in there where Bear Lake won the conference, and two years where Aberdeen was in a 3 way tie for second. On the flip side, they did play for a state title against each other one year, something Firth and NF has never done.

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  • Just returned from the Timberlake v. Weiser game. Very good, hard fought game. IMO, Timberlake was the better team and deserved to win over a young Weiser team that has a very bright future. Weiser started out hot and scored on their first two series in only a couple of plays each. Timberlake answered with two time consuming drives basically with a ball control running game and their QB making plays with his feet and elusiveness. Weiser had a lot of mis-direction looks that confused Timberlake as to where the ball was. The key point in the game was probably at the end of the first half when Timberlake drove down and scored to go up by 7 and then a hard hit on the KO return caused a fumble that Timberlake turned into points. Those 14 points probably determined the game. In the end, Timberlake made the defensive stops at key points and controlled the ball on offense. The game was not really locked up until a 50+ yard TD with about a minute left sealed the deal. Now, the grumpy old man, who longs for the good old days. I'm sorry, but IMO, it is classless for the visiting team to do their pre-game group dance/chant, whatever,,, in the center of the field at the 50 yard line. Take it to the hash mark on your side and do your thing, but the "marking their spot" type of garbage is just bush. I don't really blame the kids as much as expecting the coach to tell the kids not to dance in the middle of the home teams 50 yard line. Just IMO. Also, it gets old, when for almost the entire second half, or when Weiser fans were starting to realize that Timberlake was probably going to win, every third word from the Weiser fans was screaming for a hold on Timberlake. As usual, their were some calls and missed calls for each team, but it seemed pretty even and none determined the game. If anything, Weiser got a questionable hold call on Timberlake in the second half that called back what looked like a Timberlake TD. Good luck to Timberlake against Homedale next week, and congratulations to a young Weiser team that will have thier turn in the future.
  • Let’s hear who you’ve got for round 1! Not near enough chatter going on with the playoffs kicking off tomorrow in a very competitive 4A classification! Moscow vs. Middleton - Moscow, I like the teams from the north this year and would really love to see them both do some damage! Jerome vs. Hillcrest - Hillcrest Kuna vs. Poky - Kuna, I mean come on! Skyline vs. Vallivue - Vallivue, that QB is unreal Century vs. Nampa - Century BK vs. Canyon Ridge - BK Blackfoot vs. Sandpoint - Sandpoint, another underdog from the north! Minico vs Preston - Minico fire away!
  • What happens if a lower seed beats a higher seed? Do they stay on the bracket as far as host? If that lower seed winner is at the top and a higher seed wins, but is at the bottom, do they adjust seedings so that higher seed host?