Oct 18

Kuna and Nampa


Kuna and Nampa should win every Championship this year. It is ridiculous how much larger they are than the other teams. These schools are bigger than ranked 5A schools Rigby and Coeur d' Alene.

#'s don't = athletic skill, good coaching, etc. Lack of competitiveness at the 5A level is why they are now 4A. They both are very competitive in football, but beyond that I doubt both will be dominating the other sports. Basketball in particular, I doubt either will make the state tournament.

Kuna took state last year in wrestling and were very competitive on boys and girls basketball.

@Chuck Norris That's true. I still think my point remains though. #'s help but they are not ultimately a deciding factor in success. If #'s was all it took, then we might as well cancel the 5A seasons for every sport after Mountain View's renovations are complete, and they will have 500+ more students than every other school in the state. I believe Kuna is also going back to 5A next year, no?


Caldwell also has huge numbers for the 4A level don't they (at least I think they do)? Why do they only compete in a select number of sports in comparison to their counterparts?

Oct 18

Kuna is moving up to 5A next year.

I am not saying its only about #'s, but it makes a big impact. Why are these schools with 5a #'s competing in 4a?

Oct 18

2 years ago Kuna moved up to 5A and wasn’t very competitive. Same with Nampa, they petitioned and were able to move back down. Next season they will again make the jump to 5A and I’m sure permanently this time. It will be tough for them. They have the enrollment numbers but the program has only around 95-100 kids total. That’s Frosh-Varsity. It will be tough for them to compete with the big boys of 5A.

Another example of a 5A school dropping down to 4A in order to win a state football title just like the previous 3 years; (Skyline, Skyline, Hillcrest). Tough to be a true 4A school and compete with schools with 1500-1800 plus students that have established programs. Too many Jimmys & Joes creating program depth and obvious talent gaps. Kuna is a very good football team this year and they would compete well in 5A, this year. They'll be back to mediocrity next year though....

As far as Hillcrest when they competed as a 5A school 2012-17 their numbers never exceeded 1580 students in that 6 year run they were one of the smallest if not the smallest 5A program in the state. Last year's split with Thunder Ridge dropped the school population to 1190. This year's enrollment numbers is 1235. So to be lumped into the conversation of dropping to 4A due to the lack of success at the 5A ( Nampa, Skyview, Kuna etc) is comparing apples to oranges. With the exception of football and girls softball their athletic programs had some levels of success competing at the 5A level and even state places and State Championships in a few sports.

Yeah if numbers were the biggest determining factor then Mtn. View would dominate everything, Kuna's numbers have fluctuated a little bit as well and could drop a little when the new high school gets built but I imagine that will be short lived with the amount of growth between kuna and meridian. BK for along time had 3A numbers but opted to compete in 4A which in away was probably fair given they're a private school.

Nov 2

why does being a private school have any relevance?

Nov 2

not trying to pick a fight or bait anyone, i genuinely don't understand

Nov 2

@owyhee Because private schools can and do recruit.

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Oct 19

Someone is a little salty

Nov 2

Do you know this for a fact or is it just something you have heard?

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