Apr 21

Pre-Season Football Thoughts


Football is right around the corner. What are your thoughts about teams to look out for throughout the classifications?


5A: Typical super powers? Rocky, Mountain View, Highland....


4A: Whats Hillcrest bringing back?


3A: Anyone going to challenge Suga-Salem, Homedale Or Fruiland?


2A: Declo losing a stellar senior class (Duncan & company) and coach. Who‘s A contender?


1A: ???

5A: The three teams you listed will definitely be strong again. A couple teams that interest me are Post Falls and Meridian. They were both super young last year and return a ton of talent. Meridian will no doubt surprise some people in the 5A SIC this season and I think up north Post Falls at least will have the talent to knock CDA off their throne, although that is always going to be a difficult task.


4A: I'm not sure here. There are a lot of unknowns to me in this classification right now. Hillcrest obviously loses Kyle Austin, Oakley Hussey, Jordan Neuerburg, Trae Henry and a ton of other talent, but the I expect them to keep playing a similar style to what they did last year and that will keep them in a lot of games regardless.


3A: Timberlake made a trip to the semifinals last season in a surprise to most and returns the majority of the team leaders. Like last year, we won't find out much about them until the playoffs as a result of who they play on a weekly basis.


2A: Grangeville returns quarterback Tescher Harris, who has broken a ton of records already in high school. I think West Side has a strong chance this year too.


1AD1: There will be as many new faces here as any classification. Total crapshoot as it stands right now.


1AD2: Carey, Lighthouse Christian and Kendrick should remain towards the top like last season.

I think 4a will be interesting. I don‘t think hillcrest will be near as good as they were last year. They lost A TON of talent. They do have talented players but not near the depth they had at almost every position last year.

Skyline will be really interesting. They will have some of the fastest players in the state. That speed will be unmatched by just about every team they will face. It will be interesting to see how their coach uses them this season.

Middleton has the top recruit in the state at OLine who could also be used as a DLineman. Their safety is also very talented. They will have weapons this year and have a lot of potential.

Bishop Kelly is always there at the top. They have a great program and will continue to be one of the most consistent teams.

My dark horse team is Blackfoot. I guess it’s not really a dark horse if you’ve been closely following the underclassman. Blackfoot will return back to their status as a football program that can compete at the highest level. The upcoming senior and Junior classes are loaded with talent. They will finally have a running game again that will help bring balance to their offense. Something they lacked last year. They will also have one of the best athletes in Reece Robinson. Because Blackfoot didn’t have a good season last year he is super under the radar.

Im sure ive missed teams that will surprise or who have inside info on their teams. Excited to see what people think.



@4ofaKind I'm shooting from the hip here, but I would like to see Jerome actually go somewhere this year. I have nothing to back this up, other than the fact that their offense has been improving steadily over the last few years. I know they lose numbers to Gooding, but it would be exciting for a team that has never really been on the radar, make a splash.


I'd also like to see Sandpoint make some headlines, they have been in a slump and it is about time they make themselves known again.


Bishop Kelly needs to be playing at the 5A level. It's sad to see that they are allowed to play down at the 4A level as a private school.


@Coach Newell Couple things... it would be nice to see Jerome get better. To be honest it would be nice to see that whole conference get better. Minico has really dominated it unchallenged. The culture there has got to change. With the new conference changes, Century will now at least challenge Minico for the top spot. This next year I actually anticipate Preston to make the playoffs. They have some decent talent to make waves.

The whole BK thing is a whole other issue. I know it’s been debated on here about if it’s fair or not to be 4a. I honestly dont know. I see good arguments on both sides.

Interesting you brought up Sandpoint. I would like to hear from someone up north tell us what’s going on up there at the 4a level. Sandpoint was always pretty tough and had quality teams. It seems like 5A and 2a teams up north do very well.

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Apr 22

I'll bite with some SRV thoughts and the order I think the teams will finish in.

1. Homedale: They were far and away the class of the conference last year and I believe they won the JV title last year as well, so they have talent coming up the ranks. They will have to completely retool their lines though. However, they are extremely well coached and they've become somewhat of a thorn in Fruitland's side.

2. Weiser: Weiser came very close to knocking off Fruitland at Fruitland and I believe they had a very young team last year. I wouldn't be shocked if Weiser got their first win against Fruitland since 2005 when the upcoming senior class would have been around 3 years old.

3. Fruitland: Fruitland took a big step backwards last year and I see that trend continuing. Eiguren and Fagen will be huge losses for them, and the JV team struggled last year, so the future doesn't look too bright. It certainly is possible that they even finish with a losing record.

4. Parma: They'll have a new coach and there's a lot of room for improvement.

5. Payette: No where to go but up! I do have to wonder though if they'll even field a team next year based on what happened last year. Perhaps they will only play a JV schedule?


I saw Payette had released a football schedule already for next season, which might just be a formality, but from the outside looking in that tells me they are at least planning to field the varsity team. Who knows though after last year. Hopefully they can get a group together.

I think Sugar returns one of the best Senior classes that I have seen in a long time. Last year, these men carried the team while being supported by a great Senor class to obtain the championship. They lost alot of skilled players like most of their WR and DB's, However, they return pretty much every other position with that mentioned, great Senior class.


Last year, everything lined up, this year, they have holes to fill but I believe they are the top team going into the season. I heard recently about a large experienced group coming up in Gooding and I cant leave out the well coached Homedale. With Kimberly being one of the closest schools to moving to 4A in numbers and the track record of their last few years, I believe they will be somewhere in the mix. Marsh Valley has been doing nothing but improving with their newer head coach, however, I havent heard much about who is returning from last year. Timberlake and the schools up North have alot to prove before they have any room in my thoughts as contenders. Yes, Timberlake has been the king of the North for many years, and although they had a surprising win last year in the playoffs, thats all they will have.


Top 5

1) Sugar-Salem

2) Homedale

3) Gooding

4) Kimberly

5) Marsh Valley / Fruitland / Weiser

Kimberly returns McKade Huft this year at running back and I expect him to be one of the better players in the state. Should be a fun classification to follow again this season. You are right about Marsh Valley. They lost most of the familiar names a person would recognize from their roster and so did Fruitland.

Apr 30

The 2As will be very interesting this year. The top 4 teams last year all lost big senior classes. They each have a small handful of returners but all the big names are gone. I think St. Maries might be the team to beat up north. I really don't know about district 3 but would suspect CV or NP to be on top of that one. Declo will still be tough with a good group of younger players and a tradition of winning. (Anyone know if one of Kidds assistants will take this job?) In the 5th I think you might have a dog fight between Aberdeen, WS, and even Malad. I think this is the year Malad makes big strides forward. The 6th is anyone game with firth and WJ both finding new coaches. I believe Firth probably returns the most talent if they find a good coach.

I agree with St.Maries, they have been dominant these past few years, even sweeping the competition in the 3A North Ranks. However, I have heard from a parent that they are struggling with some financial stuff up there and may not have a season if it does not turn around. My Cousins kid will be a Senior there this season, so I'm hoping that they can over come what ever problem they are having.

@Coach Newell good news, the community rallied together and got the levy passed. The Lumberjacks will be back!!! Should have a pretty successful football but Grangeville is going to be tough as always.

@Lumberjack Fan Great to hear!! Saw pictures of kids on the streets with big signs to remind people to vote. Good to see that they cared enough to push it through.

I don't know much outside of the 5A SIC, but....

Rocky will be loaded as always, but will be interesting to see who takes over for Romano at RB.

Eagle has the potential to be the best offensive team in the state, but defensively I'm not sure....

Mt. View will be solid as always.

Meridian returns quite a bit of talent and added a solid coach so they should be interesting.

In 1A Butte County and Mackay are going to form a co-op due to limited numbers. The combination could be a good one.

I still believe the Silver Valley Co-op should happen, for football at least. Kellogg, Walace, and Mullan. Combine into a powerful 3A or 4A team.


Silver Valley - Silver Backs


That or continue to get walked all over in their individual classifications.

May 29

In 1AD2 the top four teams will be Kendrick, Garden Valley, Lighthouse, and Carey. LH should be the favorite to win. They lost one key player but are loaded with athletes begged and borrowed from bigger school districts. Kendrick did not lose a player and will be hungry after their flop in the semis. Their star, Cooper Hewitt is for real and is a good candidate for the player of the year. Garden Valley should replace Salmon River at state and were young this year as well. Carey lost the player of the year and other key players to graduation, but they always seem to reload. LH should be in the championship game. One of those other three teams should be playing against them for all the small school glory. Outside of LH, the success of the other teams I mentioned depends completely on if their stud can stay healthy. LH has depth that typical small schools have never experienced.

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  • @Shane Prince I have a ring of College Recruiters that are always looking for that star athlete. I send them Information on the players that I coach who have mentioned that they wish to play at the next level. In the past, I have submitted about 7 players from my team, another 3-4 from Sugar-Salem to try to help those kids out and the random one or two that follow me on twitter to help get their name out there. I don't have many connections at the moment, but they include, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado , Air Force Academy, School of Mines (Colorado), Fort Lewis (Colorado), University of Wyoming, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Idaho and Idaho State University. University of Idaho has recently changed their recruiting coordinator and my connection at Idaho State has moved on, but I am sure I could find their replacements. If you know of any excellent athletes, that would like to play at the next level, please reply with their information here. If you could include the following information, it would be greatly beneficial: Name High School High School Size (5A-1AD2) Positions Height and Weight Wingspan Vertical 40 Time Bench - Squat - Clean - Max (3 reps) Senior Year Stats (If the athlete was injured most of the year, include Junior year Stats) Also include both a teaser highlight reel and a full highlight reel. A teaser reel is what college coaches mostly watch. It is your biggest plays and also biggest side plays (Blocking as a WR or RB for key plays of others) and is no longer than about 1-2 minutes. When recruiters see what they like in the teaser reel, they will normally watch the full 4-5 min highlight reel to see the rest of your capabilities. Do not include any contact or academic information . If the recruiters like what they see, they have the means of contacting the recruits high school and coach or AD to get this information on their own. They will also get information on academics at this time from the coach or AD, so don't post the kids GPA or Test Scores. This is purely to help get more athletes noticed from the Great State of Idaho. Even if only a few players get contacted, it will have been a success. Thank you. Coach Newell