May 15

Top Idaho Coaches all time records (5A-2A)


Edited: Nov 7


To make this list, I was going to have a minimum 70% and 10 years, but opened it up to 65% and 5 years to add more than just 8 Coaches to the list. Information was gathered from a thread that @Lucky#7 and I have been doing. This list is also of current coaches as of last season.


The Elite

1) Bishop Kelly - Tim Brennan - 23 Years - 137-32 - 81% - 7 State Championships

2) Declo – Kidd – 23 Years - 132-32 - 80% - 3 State Championships

3) West Side – Moser - 10 years - 85-22 - 80% - 2 State Championships

4) Fruitland - Ryan Tracy - 6 years - 54-14 - 79% - 2 State Championships

5) Aberdeen – Duffin - 7 years - 48-15 - 76%

6) Weiser - Tom Harrison - 34 years - 261-89 - 75% - 10 State Championships

7) Highland - G. Mariani - 17 years - 161-43 - 75% - 4 State Championships

8) Mountain View - J. Benedick - 11 years - 90-30 - 75% - 1 State Championship

9) Eagle - P. Peterson - 14 years - 111-41 - 73% - 1 State Championship

10) Capital - T. Simis - 15 years - 120-45 - 73%

11) Sugar-Salem - Tyler Richins - 5 years - 36-14 - 72% - 1 State Championship

12) Blackfoot - Stan Buck - 27 Years - 116-50 - 70% - 4 State Championships

13) Gooding - Cameron Andersen - 10 years - 67-34 - 66%

14) Coeur d'Alene - S. Amos - 19 Years - 146-81 - 65% - 3 State Championships

15) Homedale - Matt Holtry - 10 years - 63-34 - 65%

16) Firth – Drake - 9 years - 53-29 - 65%

17) Kimberly - Rich Bishop - 6 years - 37-20 - 65%


Honorable Mentions (Teams that made the % but not minimum 5+ years)

· Rocky Mountain - C.Culig - 2 Years - 21-3 - 88% - 1 State Championship

· Grangeville – Adams - 2 years - 17-4 - 80%

· Post Falls - B. Bennett - 3 years - 19-10 - 66%

May 15

Where does Mitch Buck stand in relation to this? He’s got to be up there right?



M. Buck stat line is:


Madison - M. Buck - 23 Years - 92-60 - 61% - 3 State Championships.


However, it was brought to my attention that it has Him coaching at both Bonneville and Madison for a few years which could affect his stats enough to bump him up to 65%, but only if he did well at Bonneville which I heard he did not. I'll look into it tomorrow.

May 16

Cory Hollingsworth has coached at Firth, Aberdeen, and now American Falls with a record of 92-52.

Thank you for that update of his Coaching history. Unfortunately, that still puts him at 64%.

May 16

Something feels a little off with total games played. With both Mitch and Stan Buck they would have played 162 and 166 respectively. Mitch would have played just over 7 games a year and Stan just over 6 games a year. Is there missing data? It looks like they’ve been around the longest. Did they play at least 9 games in the 90’s as they do now. You did say that Mitch‘s total doesn’t include Bonneville but something still feels off.



Yea, sorry, if you look at the other thread with the stats compiled, you will notice that most stats by idaho sports and max preps do not go past 2004. So although some coaches have coached longer, the season's before 2004 are not able to be found without more extensive research. One of the Idaho sports guys was able to give me a more complete record than I had on CDA and Highland coaches, and Training Table told me about the problem with Max Preps and the Madison Coach.



Going off the information provided by @TrainingTable , in the 4 years that Coach Buck was at Bonneville, he won 1 additional game and lost 4 fewer which changed his winning percentage from 61% to 62%. Again it could be better or worse depending on his record from 94' to 03', but I have honestly spent an hour and a half here trying to research anything for those years and have come up with ziltch. I was recruited in 02' and sort of remember a gridiron .com that was kind of the Maxpreps of back then. I will try to find that website and see if it is still up and maybe additional info would be there.


With the updated 4 year gap:


Madison - M. Buck - 23 Years - 93-56 - 62% - 3 State Championships

Jul 18

Sorry for the late post but I can fill in the gap for Mitch Buck: came to Madison in 93' 10-3 94' 7-5 95' 10-2 96' 10-1 97' 7-3 98' 4-5 99' 5-4 00' 6-4 01' 7-3 02' 8-4 03' 6-4

Jul 18

If my math is correct is 80-38

Jul 18

Sorry I made an error in 93' it was 10-2 they went to State and lost to Lewiston they didn't play 13 games.

@Turk This is a list of current coaches as of last season. Van has not coached in 3 or 4 years.


Now if this was an all time with older coaches included, I'm sure he would be in the mix.


I could never forget him, he let me do my High School summer workouts and conditioning with his team when I spent my summers in Coeur d'Alene, away from the 120* heat in Vegas. I've also had a few cousins and old friends grow up in his system and teams. It was a sad day to see him leave. I actually had the pleasure and honor of coaching against him for 2-3 seasons when I was coaching up in Newport.


Played football with his older son at Idaho and his younger son recruited a few of my linemen to Idaho-State when I coached at Sugar.


If I ever make a list, he will definitively be on it.



Jul 23

I was, and still am, very familiar with Van and Lake City. I don't ever remember Lake City playing Newport in a Varsity game. They played Colville (sp?) a couple of times, Van used to play his kids who didn't get much time (JVish type) on weekend or Monday night games against other teams. I think he took a group up to Newport for that type of game.

@chuck Yea, it was a Varsity 2s JV type team. Newport is a 3A Idaho equivalent. No way they would have a chance against Lake City 1's unless they played last year or the year before, then Newport may have had a chance.


We played the LC 2's for 2 or 3 years in a row back when I was coaching there 2010, 2011, and 2012.


Van said it was a great way to get his 2's some play time in a real game and have their names heard over the announcers box.


I think most of the games were pretty close.

What about Bill Brock at Middleton? He's won a ton of games! Asbury at Columbia is 105-48, 2 state championships in 15 years.

Aug 20

Agree. He won his 200th game a couple of years ago, and had at least one state championship at Glens Ferry.

Aug 20

Certainly not calling into question Simis’s record at Capital, but know that he had some tough years at Boise before moving over. I would have guessed he had lost 45 games at Boise alone.

Nov 7

4-51 at Boise High before moving over to Capital

Oct 29

Seems like Tom Harrison should been on this list.

I think if my internet searching is correct in the ballpark of 264 - 84 with 10 state titles. Had winning streaks of 54 and 34 at snake river and won 7 championships in 8 years.

Oct 31Edited: Oct 31

Your right he joined last year. Not sure how I missed him. Maybe saw him as a first year coach at Weiser and I did not recognize his name. Ill add him to the list.

I thought he started during the 2018 season going 5 - 4.

@thAT_one_guy24 Ill do my best in adding him, but my preliminary search on him has come up a goose egg as far as pre-max prep era info. So pretty much all info prior to 2003-2004 is gone besides his championships and an artical written on him that he won his final 89 of 96 games at Snake River, "final" being the key word. How many games did he play before those final games and so forth. But ill add what I can to his list.

78-45 at Pocatello with 1 State Championship add last year 5-4 at Weiser and we have 83-49. With that data, he is 62.8%, and does not make the list.

An article written in the Idaho Standard Journal 2012 lists his records at schools prior to 2003.

10 -14 Won 10 games in 3 seasons at Ririe HS '82-'84 (guessing on actual record)

21 - 8 at Raft River HS winning '86 championship

150 -19 at Snake River HS '88 - '02 8 championships

75 - 39 at Pocatello HS 03' - '14 winning '06 championship

12 - 5 at Weiser HS '18 - '19

268 - 85 75.9% 10 Championships

Nov 7

Tom Harrison with a 54 game winning streak??? And several state titles. No one else has done that. He should be number ine or number 2 on your list.

Nov 7

There is a long history with football amongst the plethora of teams at Snake River with their incredible seasons from 1995 to 2002 back to back state championships under famed Coach Tom Harrison. Seven titles and an unprecedented 82-2 record the Harrison name has returned to Harrison Field to bring back a by-gone-era.Sep 8, 2019

Well, if you read the previous posts before you posted, you would see that he is already under review. The problem is confirming his coaching career data from the 80's to 2005. but he will most likely be added to the list soon.

I don't think you can question on the field production, its his off the field integrity that you would have to question...Do you take a man's off the field behavior into these coaching ranking or should there be an asterisk?

That's a whole new category in which I don't care to get into again. This is strictly a winning % ranking of current head coaches in Idaho, nothing more.

261-89 = 74.5% and 10 State championships


This info is as of last season due to when the data was gathered on the other coaches too. So this years 8-1 thus far record is not included.


This will put him at #5 or #6 on the list.

If I were to include this year, ill do it after the season is over, Fruitland's, Ryan Tracy would fall to 75% and Aberdeen's, Duffin would also fall some %. Declo's, Kidd is no longer coaching so he would fall from the list, but West Side's, Moser and Bishop Kelly's, Tim Brennon have only gotten better. With these changes, Tom Harrison would land about #3 on the list.

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